Monday, 5 September 2011

Sex and the Single Male pt 6

Sex and the Single Male pt 6
TENGA & Flip holes
Japan's best selling male sex toy! TENGA sex toys for men gently envelop you with unbelievably sensitive nubs and curves to make you explode in pleasure. If you're new to male masturbators, check out TENGA's Egg Variety 6 Pack to find out what works best for you.
Buy one today and find out why our customers are raving about the TENGA's unique orgasmic action!
TENGA Black Flip Hole Masturbator
The TENGA Flip Hole is TENGA's most innovative piece of sex toy technology. It is a multi-functioning device designed to be a leader in male masturbation that stimulates never felt before sensations.
The case flips open to reveal the many stimuli within it. These can create fantastic sensations, from sucking to waves of pleasure, the variation of actions that can be performed are incredible! Control it exactly how you want with the 3 buttons on either side of the device. These control the pressure on each section of the device: on the head, shaft or base.
The Flip Hole is 7 inches long with a potential 6.5 inches of shaft being inserted. The sleeve is 3 inches wide, accommodating a width of up to 2 inches.
The design of TENGA's first re-usable sex toy makes it easy to clean by simply flipping it open and rinsing and drying it ready for the next use!
The silicone sleeve has a number of different bumps, nodules, nubs and ridges designed to deliver an amazing feel. The revolutionary features of this sex toy make it one of TENGA's best products yet.
The TENGA Flip Hole comes with 3 lubricants specifically designed to work with it - Mild, Real and Wild. Wild is infused with Menthol to give a tingling sensation, Mild delivers a softly wrapped feeling and Real has a moisture that imitates the real thing.
Packaged in a striking case the Flip Hole really doesn't look like a sex toy. It's inconspicuous design and non-realistic opening would fool anyone!
You can have your TENGA Flip Hole in either black or white. Both are made out of high quality materials and are 100% submersible.
Be aware that there is a small air bubble next to the first button on the unit to help with the expansion of the rubber and prevent rupturing or popping during use.

How it measures up
·         Colour: Black
·         Opening style: Stealth
·         Canal diameter: 1 inches
·         Internal length: 6.5 inches
How it feels
·         Texture: Textured
·         Material: Silicone
·         Does not contain latex
·         Does not contain phthalates
·         Waterproof? Submersible

TENGA Egg Variety 6 Pack
The male masturbation innovation that you've been waiting for - presenting the TENGA Egg Box, containing six sensational TENGA Egg Onacups! With three fantastic new textures and the three original varieties, you'll have a hard time choosing your favourite!
Each TENGA Egg in the variety box features a different texture and a little sachet of TENGA branded lubricant.
Small in stature but big in stimulation, these stretchy sex toys will accommodate lengths of up to 12 inches and 8 inches of girth!
Simply pop the egg open, remove the soft sleeve from the casing, take the lube out and enjoy.
By dispensing the lubricant over the external lip and the inner texture, you'll get maximum pleasure in just moments.
The TENGA Egg Onacup Variety 6 Pack contains:
Twister - Sensual lines of satisfaction swirl from top to bottom in the Twister Egg. Moving towards the end gives you delicious squeezing sensations and twisting it with each stroke is simply phenomenal.
Stepper - Containing numerous rounded wedges facing up and down, the Stepper Egg provides constant stimulation. With each stroke the soft detailing massages your shaft bringing you closer and closer to the edge!
Silky - Delicate ribbing wraps around the inside of the Silky Egg. Randomly intertwined, each of these smooth lines embraces you like silk.
Spider - Covered with a ribbed spider-web pattern, the Spider Egg is one of the most vividly stimulating! The all over texture provides 360-degree pleasure, no matter how you use it.
Wavy - When the large and soft waves travel over your head and shaft, it creates remarkable trembling stimulations. Enjoy the Wavy Egg as it stretches to surround and accommodate you completely.
Clicker -With a wealth of patterned nodules and nubs in different sizes, shapes and textures, the Clicker Egg is one of our most popular. Stroking it up and down, twisting it left and right or squeezing and releasing provide extraordinary sensations.
NB: Designed in Japan for single use. However, with careful use/cleaning and more lube, your TENGA Egg should be good to go again!
How it measures up
·         Opening style: Stealth
·         Canal diameter: 0.5 inches
·         Internal length: 2.5 inches
How it feels
·         Texture: Textured
·         Material: Realistic Feel
·         Contains latex
·         Does not contain phthalates
·         Waterproof? Splashproof



An Open Book said...

Small in stature but big in stimulation? So (adding some morning humor here) size really doesn't matter?

Having my own (actually a total of three) feminine egg toys, I am surprised to see such a name is addressed to a man's toy. While most adult toys are geared towards women it's nice to see men are finally receiving joy from the adult toy world.

The shiny stainless looking device looks intimidating but as long as the end result is proven satisfying, sight should not be a consideration.

Great review and post.
Dawne P

Rawiya said...


I love these reviews. Really gives us new insight because we, women, are always so into ourselves.


Tessa said...

I agree with that, I honestly haven't seen a male sex toy that doesn't look awful and tacky, but this dare I say it, looks classy!