Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Tantalizing Tuesday Tease: If you go down to the woods today

If you go down to the woods today

As I wandered through the woodland, the sun beaming down on me, I was stunned to hear, what sounded like, a couple arguing.
“We can't here.”
“Of course we can. No-one ever comes around here.”
“How the fuck do you know that?” The female asked. “Just how many fucking women have you brought here?”
“You're the first, babe. I swear,” came the male's reply. “Don't forget I was brought up around here and spent most of my childhood running through these woods.”
For a few seconds the woman remained silent and nervously looked around, before quickly ripping her jeans off.
“This is as much as I'm removing,” she told the man. “You can get naked if you want.”
Without uttering a word the man did as she'd said, took everything off slowly, stroked his cock to hardness and lay on the blanket he'd set on the ground.
“You can come out now,” the man suddenly said, as the woman giggled. “But you better be naked, hard and ready to sit on my cock.”


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Anonymous said...

Well, those things never happen when I go for a walk in the woods. LOL. hot tease!