Saturday, 17 March 2018

Sexy Saturday: Surprise by the sea

Surprise by the sea

I'd been laying there all afternoon, without seeing another living soul and the heat had begun to get to me. I knew getting back to the hotel would have been the sensible thing to do but, instead, I made myself even more comfortable, placed my hands by my side and closed my eyes.
As I felt myself start to doze a chill ran over my body yet, even though I tried, my eyes refused to open. Maybe I really had dozed off and the chill was nothing more than part of a dream, but then I felt the warm breath caressing my limp cock causing it to harden instantly.
Still unable to pry my eyes open I raised myself on to my elbow and tried to reach forward, but that was also impossible. Wondering what the hell was happening I started to panic and that was when I felt the damp strands of hair around my crotch and the soft fingers encircling my shaft lightly.
“Ssh,” the soft female voice whispered as she began to move her hand, slowly, up and down the full length of my shaft. “Just relax.”
Even though I was panicking I felt myself doing just as she had told me to, my whole body suddenly feeling so light I felt like I was floating and that was when she did it. Her hair brushed down my shaft and I felt the warm breath I had first felt, once more, before my cock was engulfed by her warm, moist lips. A gasp escaped from my lips as she, who ever she was, began to bob her head up and down, slowly at first but quickly increasing her pace.
I desperately wanted to see who she was, ask her why she had chosen me, yet the more I tried to open my eyes and see the harder it seemed to be. It was as if she had cast some sort of curse, or spell, on me and I soon felt by body starting to ready itself for my orgasm. My balls tightened, more than they ever had and my legs began trembling violently.
Unable to speak I bucked my hips, as if to warn her I was about to come, when she suddenly removed her mouth from around my cock and replaced it with her hand. Disappointment coursed through my body but she was quickly stroking me expertly, her free hand massaging my balls and occasionally teasing my tight asshole. No girl had ever done that to me before and, as her soft finger circled my virgin hole, I was unable to hold back any longer.
Twitching violently my cock suddenly exploded, my seed erupting from the slit in the end more forcefully and for a lot longer than I could ever remember, until my body was completely drained.
Relaxing back onto the sand I struggled to regain my breath, my composure and slowly tried to open my eyes once more. This time they did open and I hurriedly sat bolt upright. Looking around I couldn't see another living soul on the beach. Jumping to my feet I spun around desperately hoping to see which way she had gone, just in time to see a sleek figure darting beneath the water and out to sea.


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Lady Gina Kincade said...

Almost like a dream...