Saturday, 8 April 2017

Sexy Saturday: I just had to find out

I just had to find out

For years I'd wondered what it would be like to take another man's cock in my mouth. I'd watched so many videos, and looked at so many pictures, of guys with a thick, hard, shaft pushed all the way into their mouths. I'd even practiced on numerous different sized, cock shaped, dildos but knew nothing would help me describe the act better than actually doing it.
Now though, with my best friend standing totally naked in front of me, his thick cock standing proud a matter of inches from my face, I felt as nervous as hell.
What if I do it wrong? What if I gag, bite down and hurt him? What if I throw up? Negative thoughts ran through my head, giving me major doubts as to whether I could actually go through with it.
“You'll be fine, Jackson,” Maddox whispered, softly, taking a few steps back. “Just kneel in front of me, wrap your fingers lightly around the base of my shaft and start by stroking me slowly.”
Pulling my top over my head I stood up, walked across the room and dropped to my knees in front of him, just like he'd told me to. Seeing the swollen, purple, head of his cock so close to my face I was shocked at just how big it looked. How the fuck am I going to get that in my mouth? I thought to myself, as I slowly lifted my hand towards his cock.
Nervously, and with my hand trembling like I was suffering withdrawl symptoms, I put the palm of my hand against the underside of his shaft, and slowly wrapped my fingers around his thickness, causing Maddox to gasp.
Quickly I snatched my hand away.
“S-s-sorry. Did I hurt you?” I stammered, ready to stand up and call it quits.
“No, quite the opposite,” Maddox replied. “It felt wonderful, please don't stop.”
“If you're sure I didn't hurt you,” I said, reaching forward once again.
This time, when my fingers wrapped around his shaft and he gasped, I kept hold of him.
“Stroke me slowly,” he gasped.
Taking a deep breath I began to move my hand back and forth, slowly, staring up at Maddox's face as I did. With his eyes closed, and his breath quickening, as I continued to stroke him my confidence began to grow and I started to move my hand faster.
“Oh fuck, yes,” Maddox gasped. “Are you sure you've never done this before?”
“I swear I haven't, I've always been too scared.”
“Well you certainly know what you're doing,” he moaned. “But I think it's time for you to take the next step.”
“The next step?”
“You know what I mean. I want to feel your tongue running along my shaft and over my glans, your lips circling my hardness and I want to see your heard bobbing back and forth as you suck my cock.”
Relaxing my grip on his shaft I cirlcled the swollen head, of his cock, with my thumb and forefinger and nervously poked my tongue out. Lifting his cock I moved my head forward, closed my eyes and ran my tongue along the full length of his shaft, before circling the swollen head of his cock and running my tongue over his glans.
“Fuck, Jackson, that feels fucking amazing,” Maddox gasped. “Please, just fucking suck it.”
Running my hand down his shaft, my hands stopping at his swollen balls, I opened my mouth and began to move my head forward. As it was my first time I was unsure what to expect but, after what I'd just done, it seemed natural to just get on with it.
Closing my eyes once more I opened my mouth even wider, as wide as I could and started taking his cock into my mouth, inch by inch. Gagging as his swollen head touched the back of my throat I pulled back a little, and closed my lips around him and began to suck.
Surprising myself I held the base of Maddox's cock, and began to suck like I had been doing it all my life. Every now and again I pulled my mouth from him, flicked my tongue over his glans and then took every inch of him to the back of my throat.
“Fucking hell, Jackson,” Maddox groaned. “I'm about ready to come.”
Hearing those words I slowed for a second, unsure whether I was ready to take his seed in my mouth.
“If you aren't ready I don't mind,” Maddox moaned softly. “You can finish me with your hand.”
Glancing up at him I could tell, that even though he'd said what he'd said, he looked disappointed. What the fuck. I've gone this far I thought and began to move my head, quickly, back and forth along his shaft.
“Fuck, Jackson, that's it. I'm going to come.”
Loosening my grip on the base of his cock I pushed my mouth slowly down his shaft, just as his cock began to twitch. Bracing myself , and with his cock halfway in my mouth, I began stroking his dick furiously until he couldn't hold back any longer.
Suddenly his cock twitched violently, and he began to flood my mouth was his come. At first the slightly salty taste nearly made me gag but I continued to stroke, and suck, until Maddox was completely drained. Pulling my mouth from his shaft I ran my tongue over his glans, and took the last seed to seep from the end of his cock.
“For someone who has never done that before,” Maddox gasped breathlessly, “you certainly seemed to know what you were doing.”
Wiping my lips I smiled.
“After the amount of pictures I've seen, and videos I've watched, it would have been a poor tale if I hadn't.” I told him. “And I just had to find out. However if there's ever a next time I need to go even further, if you know what I mean.”


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