Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Tantalizing Tuesday Tease: My Last Vacation (A tale from beyond the grave)

My Last Vacation (A tale from beyond the grave)

The apartment had been freshly decorated, the lingering smell of paint a dead giveaway, yet something still felt strange, there was definitely a chill in the room which was a surprise considering the outside temperature. Before I could ask why though the bellboy ushered me through the door and began to show me around the apartment, with it's newly-fitted kitchenette, brand new two seat sofa, which still had it's plastic covers on, satellite TV, which he assured me was totally free and full-to-bursting mini-bar.
“Which one's the bathroom?”
“That's through this door, Sir.” The bellboy placed his hand on the cold, metal, handle but as soon as he did the same chill that I had felt on first entering the room ran through my body once again. “Are you alright, sir? You look a little pale.”
“Guess the flight got to me more than I realized. I'll be okay after a long, hot, soak.”
“I'm sure you will, sir.”
With that he pushed the door open, and as I saw the blood-stained floor, walls and bath, for the first time, I also saw the stiletto blade appear out of the middle of my chest.



Doris O'connor said...

Oh you do the chilling tease so well! 

Pablo Michaels said...

Ew! Gross! That was a surprise. The cold feeling he initially had led into the twist at the end. Reminds me of Norman Bates and Psycho. Great Tease!