Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Tantalizing Tuesday Tease: A Pleasant Surprise

A Pleasant Surprise

As I slid my hard shaft in to Kim's tightness she locked her legs around my thighs, gripped my ass and ground her pubic mound against me, moaning loudly as I thrust deep in to her once again.
Kim dug her nails into my soft flesh, forcing me deeper, before I felt I relax her grip and move her fingers slowly along the crack of my ass. As we'd indulged in a little anal play before I allowed myself to relax, just enough for her to be able to start toying with my tight hole.
Using the muscles of her pussy she gripped my cock and continued to fuck my hole with her finger, before suddenly stopping, looking deep into my eyes and smiling.
“You know what I've always wanted, babe,” she whispered softly before placing a soft kiss on my lips.
Before I had time to answer Kim gripped my ass once again and pulled my cheeks as far open as she could.
“Well tonight's that night.”
Without warning I suddenly felt the cold lubricant running between my crack and slowly over my sphincter, before I felt the thick, swollen head of somebody's cock pressing against my tight hole.



Pablo Michaels said...

That night was a night he won't forget. I;d like to read more about what his reaction was ensuing from the last line. You described the sexual scene very well. You turned the story around as he became the victim of your Teaser.

The AfterDark World with Ray Sostre said...

It was really a hot piece there. I mean, if you were to expand this threesome piece it would've been even hotter. Great work.