Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Tantalizing Tuesday Tease 13th September 2016

I'd found the house at the end of an overgrown trail, and it was perfect. No-one would ever find me here. Walking around the outside of the building I found a broken window and, carefully, removed the shards of glass which were left.
Climbing inside I saw the exposed joists, and smiled. Standing on the window ledge I grabbed one of the joists and swung my legs forward, to make sure the thick piece of wood wasn't rotten. Satisfied they were strong enough I dropped to the floor, and opened my bag. Taking the thick rope from within I sat on the floor, removed the diagram from my pocket and sat down. An hour later, after a few false starts, the rope finally looked exactly like the image on the paper.
After attaching one end of the rope to the ceiling joist I went outside. After searching for a few minutes I found exactly what I needed. Re-entering the house I place the battered, wooden, chair under the rope and climbed up.
Slipping my head in to the noose I closed my eyes and kicked the chair back, the snap of my neck the last thing I heard before everything went black.



Angelica Dawson said...

So dark. Right up to the end I was waiting for a twist, but it was not to be. Thoughtful and careful. I hope it isn't self-reflective!

Doris O'Connor said...

Oh my goodness, that had me right on the edge of my seat. Fantastic tease, Julez, if very dark.