Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Tantalizing Tuesday Tease: Sealing the deal

Sealing the deal

Waiting until everyone else had left the office I stood up, made my way to the door and locked it.
“So be honest. What did you think?” I asked, walking back towards the director desk.
“Honestly. I thought your manager was an amateur, the presentation stunk and to sign up to a deal with him would ruin my reputation.”
“Surely there's some way we can come to an arrangement.”
“Not unless someone gets rid of him.”
“Are you sure about that,” I said softly, before walking around his desk and dropping to my knees in front of him.
“Don't tell me you're going to beg. That's just pathetic.”
Instead of replying I just looked up at him, placed my hand on his crotch and slowly undid his zipper. When he didn't stop me I reached in to his trousers, slipped my hand in to his boxers, wrapped my fingers around his, rapidly, hardening shaft and released his cock.
“I'm sure we could come to some sort of arrangement,” I whispered, before opening my mouth taking every inch of his shaft to the back of my throat.



Kendel Davi said...

Damn, Julez! Right to the point. I loved how bold this was.

Angelica Dawson said...

Okay, there's some bad business ethics there, and some hot sex! Haha

Doris O'connor said...

Well, that's one way of sealing a deal, lol!