Saturday, 16 April 2016

Sexy Saturday: A Desire reawakened

A Desire reawakened

As I lowered my head and began to run my tongue along the full length of Damon's cock I glanced at Kat, and smiled as I saw her doing the same. It had been her idea for us to go out, pull a guy and take him home. It was all she had gone on about ever since I had admitted I was bisexual even though I tried to convince her and, if I'm honest myself as well, that was my past yet the more she went on about it the more I desperately wanted to relive those memories.
Flicking my tongue over Damon's swollen glans I heard him gasp and, before Kat even got the chance, I opened my mouth and began to take his full eight inches to the back of my throat.
“Suck him for me, babe,” Kat gasped as she reached down and wrapped her fingers around my hard shaft. “Suck him until he begs for more.”
I didn't need telling twice, the feeling of a thick, hard, cock in my mouth once again driving me wild with lust and I began to bob my head up and down quickly, massaging Damon's swollen balls as I did so. I wanted him to flood my mouth so badly, the need to taste another man's seed once again making my cock throb with anticipation, my sucking became harder and faster,
With my eyes closed and my bobbing becoming faster and faster the feel of Kat's lips closing around my shaft, taking my seven inches all the way in her mouth, pushed me to the edge.
Wrapping my fingers around Damon's shaft, as I continued to suck him, I began stroking him as well. With my hand and head both moving rapidly now Damon's breathing became more erratic, his balls tightened in their sac and his legs began to tremble violently and I knew he wasn't going to last much longer.
Knowing exactly what would tip him over the edge as it always did for me, I slipped my fingers down, eased them between the cheeks of his firm, muscular, ass and pushed my middle finger deep into him, looking for his prostate.
Suddenly he gripped my hair, hold my head still and thrust his cock as far into my mouth as he could. Knowing he was about to explode pushed me over the edge as well and I gripped Kat's hair, just like Damon had mine and thrust into her mouth as well as my cock twitched and I began to flood her mouth with my seed.
Coming before Damon made me even more determined to taste his seed so, as well as massaging his his prostate even faster, I sucked harder than I ever had in my life and that was all it took. As he let out a loud gasp Damon held my head still as his cock twitched in my mouth and, for the first time in years, I let another man cum forcefully in my mouth.
Once neither of us had anything left to give we collapsed on the bed and looked at Kat.
“Give us a few minutes and then it's your turn,” I whispered stroking Damon's, as well as my own, cock to keep us both hard for her.
She had wanted the threesome and she was going to get exactly what she wanted, I just hoped this wasn't going to be the last time either, the taste of Damon's cock and seed re-awakening a desire inside me I hadn't felt for years.


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