Monday, 11 January 2016

Masturbation Monday:The night we kept switching roles

The might we kept switching roles

“Open those legs wide, Clarissa, let me see your fingers working your wet pussy!” I demanded, sitting in a chair, across the room, exactly the same as the one she was in.
Without a word Clarissa did as I had told her, spreading her legs as wide as possible, her knees over the arm of the leather chair. As she did I could she her wetness glistening in the light, and felt my cock push hard against the zipper of my jeans.
“Spread those lips for me.”
Running her fingers along the opening of her pussy Clarissa used two fingers to part her lips, slightly. As beautiful as the sight was I wanted, no needed, to see more.
“Wider, Clarissa. I want to see all of you.”
Releasing her breast, which she had been massaging roughly, she let her other hand travel down to between her thighs. This time she placed one hand either side of her pussy, inserted two fingers from each hand in to her wetness and pulled her pussy as wide open as she could.
“So beautiful, my sweet one,” I whispered, praising her obedience. “You are such a good girl.”
“Thank you, Sir,” Clarissa whispered in return.
“Now fuck yourself, Clarissa. Fuck yourself until you come.”
As soon as I uttered the instruction she slipped her middle finger in to her wet cunt, and began to push it in and out of herself.
“Only one finger I'm sure you can do better than that.”
“Sorry, sir.” Clarissa gasped as she inserted a second finger.
“Better but still not good enough.”
this time Clarissa pushed a third then a fourth finger in to her wide open pussy, bbefore finally looking over at me, smiling and pushing her whole fist deepin to her pussy.
“Damn, girl, you have been practising haven't you?”
“Yes, Sir, I have. I wanted to make sure I pleased you.”
“You always please me, my sweet Clarissa,” I reply, the throbbing coming from inside my trousers almost unbearable. “Now let me see, and hear, you come.”
Not needing to be told twice Clarissa began thrusting her first in and out of her pussy rapidly, until she couldn't hold back any longer. After letting out a gasp loud enough to wake the dead her body began to buck wildly, as her orgasm tore through every inch of her perfect body.
“So perfect, Clarissa, I am so glad I found you.”
“And I you, Sir,” she whispered, before the look on her face changed.


Pulling her fist from her pussy, she sat upright in the chair and stared intently at me.
“And now it's your turn,” she hissed. “Take that pathetic cock of your out and start stroking it.”
Smiling at her forcefulness I did as she asked. Relieved to taked the pressue from my cock, wrapped my hand around the shaft and began to stroke mself slowly.
“Faster, you pathetic worm. I haven't got all night.”
Quickening my pace, my hand becoming a blur as I masturbated as fat as I could, I closed my eyes, felt my balls tighten in thier sack and my legs begin to tremble violently.
“Oh fuck, Clarissa, i'm going to come.”
“Well get on with it then,” Clarissa snapped back.
Hearing her give me the permission I needed I relaxed my body, and looked down as the first stream of the thick, milky, liquid erupted from the slut in the end of my cock, hitting me in the face.
“Thank you, clarissa, I needed that so much.”
I've not finished with you yet,” she replied, before spreading her legs once more. “Now get over here and get your tongue inside my cunt. Seeing you come as made me want to again.”



Christina Mandara said...

What a demanding lady! I love her already ;)

Kayla Lords said...

Role reversal and masturbation? Damn, that's hawt.