Monday, 18 January 2016

Masturbation Monday: While the girls are away

While the girls are away

No sooner did we hear the front door slam, as the girls left for their hen party, Sam and I wasted no time getting upstairs and tearing the clothes from each other's bodies. As soon as we were both naked our lips met passionately, our tongues seeking the warmth of the others mouth and our cocks rapidly hardening against each other.
“Thought they were never going to leave,” I gasped, pulling my mouth from his and falling on to the bed.
“I know. It took every ounce of willpower to stop me from jumping on you while they were up here getting changed.”
As he spoke Sam climbed on to the bed and knelt next to me, his beautiful, hard, cock millimetres from my lips. Reaching forward I wrapped my fingers around his shaft, and slowly ran my tongue along his full length, before slipping my arm between his legs.
Gripping him tightly I pulled him forward, opened my mouth and took all eight inches of his hardness straight to the back of my throat. As I began to bob my head back and forth along his shaft I wrapped the fingers of my free hand around my own hardness, and slowly began to stroke myself. As I slowly continued to suck his shaft the need to come grew rapidly, yet there was no way I was going to allow myself to, at least not until Sam's cock was buried deep in ass.
Knowing I wasn't going to last much longer I pulled my mouth from his shaft and looked up, my first still tightly gripping my own hardness.
“Fuck me, Sam, I'm not going to be able to hold back much longer,” I pleaded.
Smiling back down at me Sam moved in between my thighs, lifted my legs on to his shoulders and, after smothering my tight hole with his saliva, eased the thick, swollen, head of his cock gently in to my ass.
“Tell me if you want me to stop,” he whispered. “I don't want to hurt you.”
“Don't you dare fucking stop,” I gasped as inch after inch of his cock invaded my body, his thickness feeling like it would tear me open at any second.
Once Sam was as deep as it could go he slowly began to thrust backand forth and, as he built up a perfect rhythm, I wrapped my hand back around my shaft and started to stroke myself furiously.
“Fuck, Sam, I'm going to fcome,” I managed to gasp, as I felt my balls tighten and my legs begin to tremble violently.
“Do it then, Ryan. Let me see you come for me.”
“Oh...fuck...yeah. Fuck, Sam please don't stop,” I grunted as the first stream of my seed exploded from the slit in the end of my cock with enough force to splash my own seed on my face.”
As soon as I came, twitch after twitch from my cock releasing more and more seed on to my chest and stomach, I felt Sam's body tense. Witha final thrust Sam drove every inch of his hard shaft as deep in to me as he could, before I felt his cock twitch violently and his come begin to fill my welcoming hole.
Once we were both fully drained Sam eased his cock from my body, and flopped down on the bed next to me. As he did I slipped my arm under his body, pulled him close and kissed him softly.
“I've been waiting for that for so fucking long,” I gasped, my breathing slowly returning to normal.
“So have I,” Sam replied. “but until we are sure being a couple is something we want to make a go of, and we're not just using each other for sex, I'd prefer it if we didn't say anything to the girls.”
“It's a bit too late for that,” a female voice suddenly said from the doorway.
As the two of us lifted our heads we were stunned to see Marie and Ellie, our flatmates, standing there staring at our, naked, sweat covered, bodies.



Oleander Plume said...

So, so, so hot, really loved this!

Kayla Lords said...

Rawr! I do love some good MM action...and I really love that they got caught. Sooooo what happens now?? :)