Wednesday, 23 December 2015

A couple of XXXmas shorts

Christmas bonus

I'd heard there was a job going at the local shopping centre, and also the rumours about what went on behind the doors of the grotto which had been set up there, but of course I didn't believe them. Yet with money tight I didn't see what harm applying could do and, to my surprise, the next day found myself playing the role of Santa and handing out presents every day until Christmas Eve, ably assisted by Terri, a stunning blonde with her hair in pigtails and also wearing fancy dress.
By the time the last present of the week had been handed out, and the Grotto door closed I was exhausted. Slumping down on to the chair I had been sitting on all week I went to remove my beard but before I could Terri reached forward, grabbed my wrist and pulled me back to my feet.
Before I could say a word Terri dropped to her knees, gripped the waistband of my trousers and eased them down, just far enough to release my rapidly hardening cock before wrapping her fingers lightly around my shaft, glancing up at me seductively and closing her lips around my hard shaft, and that was when I found out that the rumours were true.


Santa's little helper

“I'm fucking glad that's over with, Nick” I called over my shoulder, as I locked the grotto door. “I can't remember a day as busy as that.”
“Me neither but, now they've gone, get your hot ass over here.”
Fuck me he's insatiable I thought, smiling to myself as I double checked the door. Not that I minded because, ever since I'd met him, he'd awoken something in me and I just couldn't get enough of him.
Turning around I wasn't at all surprised to see his top already pulled up to his six pack stomach, or his trousers down enough for his hard cock to be pointing directly at me.
You do know we're going to get caught one day, don't you?”
“Not if you keep making sure you lock the door,” Nick smirked, as he stroked his hard shaft. “Now get over here and wrap those gorgeous lips of yours around this.”
Dropping to my knees in front of him I opened my mouth as wide as I could and began to suck greedily on his cock as he gripped my hair through my stupid elf hat, and thrust his hardness to the back of my throat.


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Sally Bend said...

Nothing quite like being a ho ho ho for the holidays!

Lovely work, as always. Happy Holidays, hon!