Thursday, 26 November 2015

Transsexual Thursday: Tonight's the night

Tonight's the night

It had already taken me months to get this far, fear of the unknown kept holding me back, yet Rhonda had been so patient, so understanding. We had been together almost six months and had done plenty of heavy petting and groping, hell I even enjoyed wrapping my hand around her hard shaft and masturbating her until she came, whilst she did the same to me but that was as far as we had ever gone, until now.
Everything I had done throughout the day had been in readiness for this moment. The house was spotless, the meal had been cooked to perfection and the bottle of champagne had gone down a treat and once we had finished, and everything had gone in the dishwasher, I took her by the hand and led her to the bedroom.
Sitting on the edge of the bed we kissed nervously, like a couple on a first date, as our hands caressed every inch of each others bodies. Soon though our nervous caresses had become urgent passion and we had torn each others clothes off, just dropping them to the floor, before laying on the bed. Rhonda kept her stockings and suspenders yet I was totally naked and as we lay next to each other, our hot bodies crushed together, our hard cocks rubbing we began to masturbate each other slowly.
Even though I could have let her take me all the way I wanted, needed, to take things further than ever and placed my hand on top of hers.
“Please Rhonda help me take things further.”
“Are you really sure you are ready?”
“Yes more than ever.”
Kissing me lightly on the lips Rhonda smiled, sat up and then turned so she was looking down at my cock. Taking me in her hand again Rhonda then lay down, her warm breath caressing my shaft, before flicking her tongue lightly over my swollen glans. Slowly tracing her tongue along my full length she twisted her body so her own thick shaft was inches from my own mouth.
“Everything will be fine babe just take your time, there's no rush.”
Moving my head forward, closing to the engorged head of her cock, I did as she had, and let my tongue flick over the end. Rhonda gasped as I did and I pulled away sharply.
“No, babe, don't stop,” she purred before taking my full length in her mouth, sucking it slowly and then releasing it. “I have waited for this moment for so long.”
Flicking my tongue over her glans again I opened my mouth and, as she slowly took my full length to the back of her throat and closed her lips around my shaft, moved my lips over her swollen head and moved my head forward slowly, took her cock into my eager mouth and began to give her oral, our movements in time with each other, for the first time ever.


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K.C. Cave said...

I like! Very hot 69! Anal is next?