Thursday, 1 October 2015

Beginning of the fourth

Beginning of the fourth

October 1st.
The first day of the fourth quarter of 2015.
Just 92 days left until the clock strikes midnight, and yet another year is consigned to history.

Only these next 92 days are going to be some of the most important days since I became an author.

As regular readers, and visitors, to The Crypt of Morbius will know I promised to donate every single penny/cent of royalties earned from sales of my Transsexual romances to Transgender charities, a promise which still stands.

However disappointment in the number of sales, no matter how hard I've tried to keep them all circulating the news feeds of social media, and therefore the amount of the royalties from those books I have decided 2015 needs a little help to go out with a BANG, not a pathetic whimper.

So as of today, October 1st, all royalties earned from the sales of ANY of my TEN books currently available from Naughty Nights Press,,, Allromance ebooks and all other good ebook retailers WILL be donated to Transgender charities.

This is J S Morbius saying thank you for taking your time to stop by.

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