Thursday, 10 September 2015

Transsexual Thursday: Consummating our relationship

Consummating our relationship

Catalina and I had been a couple for six months, in fact it was the anniversary of the day we first met, when she had rung me at work and told me she had booked a table at our favorite restaurant and I was to be there by seven-thirty. I had been shocked because normally she'd sooner we stayed in and she would either cook or, if we'd both had a busy day, I would order a takeaway and bottle of wine.
Still I wasn't going to question her and, for me anyway, six months was pretty good going and definitely worth celebrating. Normally me and relationships didn't last anywhere near as long as six months, mainly because I didn't think I would ever settle down and the minute the word commitment was introduced I would panic, get cold feet and call the whole thing off.
The thing was the first day I had set eyes on Catalina I had felt totally different, felt like the two of us belonged together, that we were soul mates not just lovers and Catalina had finally admitted, the week before booking the table, that she had also felt our relationship was totally different to any she had ever had before but there was one thing she hadn't been totally honest with me about, the one reason why we had never made love and that night, when she did finally sit me down and tell me she was a pre-op transsexual, there were a lot of tears from both of us. To be honest though she could have told me she was a serial killer, or even an alien, because I loved the woman in front of me, because a woman was all I saw.
As I glanced at the clock, opposite my desk, I saw that it was almost five so I logged off my computer, grabbed my jacket and headed for home. Working out that I would just have time for a quick shower and shave, providing there were no hold ups, I floored the accelerator and weaved in and out of the traffic more recklessly than I should have, arriving back at mine just before half five.
Stripping my work clothes off as I headed up the stairs I walked through the bedroom, to the en-suite, turned the shower on and went back to pick out what I was going to wear. Once I had settled on black shirt and black trousers I went back into the bathroom, stepped into the shower and let the water cascade over me as I covered my whole body in shower gel. As soon as every sign of soap was gone from my body I stepped out, wrapped a towel around my waist and shaved carefully.
A quick splash of aftershave and squirt of deodorant later I got myself dressed and booked a cab for seven o'clock as there was no way I was driving if I was going to end up having a drink, which I was and went downstairs to wait. Time seemed top drag but eventually I heard the cab pull up so switched everything off, made sure everywhere was secure and headed out to the waiting car.
The drive took twenty minutes, the roads a lot clearer now than when I left work, which meant I arrived at the restaurant ten minutes before the time Catalina had said. Unsure what she had planned and not wanting to ruin whatever surprise she had in store I took my cigarettes from my pocket, lit one and inhaled deeply.
By the time I threw the last of my cigarette on the floor, stamping my foot on it to put it out, I still hadn't seen Catalina arrive and headed inside.
“Can I help you sir?” The smartly dressed waitress asked as I stood at reception.
“Apparently there is a table booked for my girlfriend and me.”
“What's name sir?”
“It would have been booked by Catalina Vasquez.”
Glancing down at the seating plan in front of her she scanned the page for a few seconds, before lifting her head.
“Follow me, Sir.”
As I followed the waitress I glanced around looking for Catalina but couldn't see her anywhere and it was only when the waitress led me to the very back of the restaurant, to a secluded table, that I saw Catalina sitting waiting patiently for my arrival.
“Hello, Catalina,” I said as the waitress handed us both a menu.
“Hi babe.”
“How's your day been?” I asked as I opened the menu.
“Okay so far but I hope it's going to end perfectly.”
Lifting my head I looked at her, a slightly puzzled look on my face, when she took the menu from my hand.
“Come on it's no good I can't wait any longer.”
Before I could answer Catalina had stood up, grabbed my hand and pulled me to my feet.
“Where are we going babe?” I asked getting more confused by the second.
“You'll see.”
Dragging me through the restaurant I saw her wink at the waitress, that had led me to the table, before dragging me out of the door and into the street.
“Right, Cat what the hell is going on?” I finally asked, pulling my hand from hers.
“Please baby just follow me, everything will become clear.”
Doing as she asked, as long as we were together I didn't really care what she had in store, I took her hand again and let her lead me along the street until she suddenly stopped.
“Here we are,” she said turning her head to look at the building we were standing outside.
Copying her I turned mine.
“You've got to be joking?” I half-asked, half-stammered.
“No six months is something I am proud of, even if you aren't, and I thought you deserved something really special.”
“Cat being with you makes me the proudest man in the world but why here?”
“You'll see.”
As she walked up to the door I pulled it open and followed her inside.
“Mr and Mrs Anderson, we have a booking,” she said to the man behind the desk.
“So you do, room 69, here you go.”
I was speechless and, as the man handed her the key, he looked at me and gave a sly wink.
“Enjoy your stay.”
“Oh we will,” Catalina said, as she grabbed my hand again and almost dragged me to the elevator.
As soon as we stepped inside, and the door closed, Catalina pushed me against the wall and placed her soft lips against mine. As she pushed her tongue passed my lips I gripped her waist, pulled her as close as possible and responded to her kiss with my own.
By the time the elevator came to a stop I was so desperate to make love to her that I would have, right there, if I had thought we'd have got away with it but instead let her lead me out and along the corridor to the room she had booked.
Unlocking the door she pushed it open and looked at me, with a smile that I hadn't seen before, placed her arm around my neck and told me I had to carry her into the room. Bending down I scooped her up behind the knees, walked over the threshold and kicked the door shut behind us. Carefully her carrying her into the room I stopped and looked around in awe, Catalina had definitely gone to a lot of expense for our six month anniversary, before walking over to the bed and laying her down gently.
“So what do you think?” she asked, lifting herself onto her elbows and inching up the bed.
“I think I love you so fucking much Catalina Vasquez, that's what I think.”
“I love you as well Kyle Anderson,” Catalina replied, slowly undoing the buttons on her blouse and exposing her purple lace bra to me. “Well are you going to join me or just stand there staring inanely?”
I didn't need asking twice and jumped on to the bed next to her, before changing my mind and climbing on top instead. Gripping her wrists I pushed her hands above her her head, bent down and kissed each side of her neck lightly before making my way down, in between her cleavage.
As I continued to smother her exposed flesh with my lips I began toying with her nipples through her bra, until they were both fully erect. Only then did I slip my hand gently into each cup, free her obviously fake, yet perfect, tits and lower my head again. Kissing, sucking and, occasionally, biting Catalina's nipples and tits caused soft moans to escape from her lips and I could feel her own hardness pressing against mine.
Even though I had never touched any cock other than mine I edged slowly down the bed, covering Cat's stomach with kisses as I went, before lowering the zip of her skirt and popping the button undone and easing the skirt over her thighs and off. Seeing her laying there in matching purple bra and panties, her firm breasts exposed and her hard shaft clearly visible, I took a deep breath, hooked my thumb and forefinger in to the waistband of her panties and eased them over her hips, releasing her hard cock.
With her fully exposed I reached tentatively forward, before Cat reached down and placed her hand on top of mine.
“Are you sure you are okay with doing this?” she asked softly, staring intently in to my eyes. “I'll understand if you're not ready.”
“Baby I'm fine,” I replied slipping my hand free and placing it on her hard shaft. “Even though this is my first time I have never felt so relaxed.”
As I spoke I curled my fingers around her shaft, held her cock lightly and began to move my hand up and down slowly. Watching my hand stroking another person's cock, even though she was my girlfriend, was an experience I had never thought I would experience yet, at the same time, it also felt like the most natural thing I had ever done and Cat's gasps and moans told me I must have been doing it right. Then, as I saw a small drop of pre-cum seep from the slit of her cock, I took the next step and lowered my head.
With her cock just a couple of inches from my mouth I gripped her shaft a little tighter and pulled my hand up her shaft, watching as a little more pre-cum oozed from her, before flicking my tongue over the shiny head of her cock and tasting Catalina's seed before opening my mouth as wide as I could.
Taking a deep breath I gripped Catalina's cock at the base just above her swollen balls and began to lower my head and take her shaft slowly passed my lips, inch by inch, until I felt the swollen head touch the back of my throat and only then did I close my lips around her and began bobbing my head back and forth, along her full length slowly.
Cat gripped my head in both hands and began to thrust gently back and forth, as if she was fucking my mouth and I suddenly found myself wondering what it would feel like with her thick, hard, cock thrusting back and forth in my virgin ass. After a few more minutes and the image of her cock pounding my ass embedded in my head I let her cock fall from between my lips, lifted my head and smiled at her.
“Fuck me, Cat I have to know what it feels like to take your cock inside me,” I whispered, almost pleadingly.
“Are you really sure, babe?” Cat asked. “Because I'll tell you now, even with lubrication, it will hurt.”
“Please, baby, fuck me, I need you so bad,” I pleaded again, undoing a couple of the buttons on my shirt before pulling it over my head and throwing it across the room.
Cat stared at me, saw that I was serious, lay me on my back and removed the rest of my clothes.
“Get on your front baby,” Cat whispered once I was totally naked, “and lift just your ass a few inches off the bed”
As I did as she said I felt Cat get off the bed, briefly, before returning and kneeling between my legs.
“You've can still change your mind babe,” Cat said as I felt something cold and sticky slide between the cheeks of my ass, causing me to clench my cheeks. “It's okay baby that's just the lube, without that there's no way we would be able to do this.”
As she spoke she continued to massage the lubrication over my hole, completely smothering me with thew sticky liquid, before asking if I was really sure this was what I wanted, one last time.
“If the pain becomes too unbearable Kyle please tell me to stop.”
“I will I promise,” I told her as I felt the swollen head of her cock press against my tight hole for the first time.
As Catalina pushed against me, trying to enter me, I gasped loudly and felt her pull back a little.
“Are you okay babe I didn't hurt you did I?”
“I'm fine baby please don't stop.”
Once again I felt the swollen head of Cat's cock push against my hole as she placed one hand on the center of my back, the other gripping my hip and slowly I felt my ass open as the tip of her cock finally penetrated me.
She hadn't been wrong about the pain and, as I twisted the bed sheets in my fist, I screamed out loudly as Cat slowly eased her full length deep in to my body. Once fully in she paused and asked if I was okay, before starting to thrust back and forth ever so slightly, each thrust taking some more of the pain away and replacing it with a feeling of ecstasy, the like of which I had never felt before.
I don't know how long Catalina spent thrusting back and forth deep into my ass not that I cared, she could have fucked me until the die I died, now the pain was completely gone but eventually I felt her push forward one last time before I felt her tense her whole body.
“Fuck, Kyle, I'm going to cum,” Cat gasped as she pulled her cock back slowly once more, before driving it hard into me.
Suddenly I felt her shaft start to twitch violently and I pushed back, embedding her cock as deep inside my body as possible, stroking my shaft furiously until my cock also started to twitch in my hand and, as it did, I felt Catalina reach around and place her hand over mine.
Together we stroked my cock until I had nothing left to give and, once we were both totally drained, we collapsed on to the bed, both on the same side and away from the pool of my own seed and drifted off to sleep, our arms wrapped around each other.


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