Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Masturbation Monday: A surprise package, which comes with a challenge

A surprise package, and a challenge

After going to answer a knock on the door, only to find no one there, I was surprised to see the package, neatly wrapped with gold paper, and card sitting on my doorstep. Confused I stepped outside and looked up and down the deserted street, before shrugging my shoulders, picking up the package and heading back inside.
Placing the parcel on the coffee table I removed the card, sat on my sofa and opened it.

As you seem to have enjoyed watching me these last few months I decided it was about time you to returned the favour.
Inside the package, which you are probably staring at as you read this, you will find a little something I think we will both enjoy. Of course if you don't follow the rules I have given you, exactly as they are laid out, you will never find out who I am. However if you do I will, before the day is over, make myself known to you.
  1. Take the parcel to your bedroom, make sure your curtains are open and strip naked, while standing in front of the window.
  2. Once you are naked, and without trying to hide yourself, because I SHALL be watching, wrap your right hand around your cock and stroke yourself slowly, until you are hard.
  3. Once you are hard you will then open the parcel, remove the contents from their packaging, walk back in front of the window.
  4. I'm sure you'll work out what to do next, at least you will if you want to find out who I am.
  5. Oh and you've got until midday. I'll be watching.


Normally I would have taken the parcel, and card, and thrown them both straight in the trash, without even thinking about it. However as I picked up the card, to read it again, curiosity began to get the better of me.
Picking up the parcel I shook it gently to try to hear if I could work out what was hidden beneath the wrapping, but there was nothing. Glancing at my watch I saw it was ten-thirty, an hour and a half before the time stated on the card. For a few minutes I sat wondering whether to go through with the card's instructions, just to see if the writer would make themselves known to me, or if I was just the victim of somebody's elaborate hoax.
Eventually deciding I had nothing to lose I picked up the card and parcel, stood up and headed in to my bedroom. Placing the card, open, on my bedside cabinet I read through the instructions again, walked over to the curtains and opened them fully.
Light flooded in to the room and, as I squinted against the sunlight, I stared out of the window at the row of houses at the end of my garden. Although I couldn't tell if there was anyone watching, from any of the bedrooms or gardens I could see, I slowly began to remove my clothes.
Once I was standing totally naked and exposed, for anyone who was watching to see, I wrapped my hand around my flaccid shaft, closed my eyes and began stroking myself slowly until I was as hard as I had ever been. Opening my eyes and staring back at the houses I still couldn't tell if I really was being watched, but I no longer cared. I was hard, horny and desperate to cum.
Grabbing the parcel I tore off the wrapping and dropped it on top of my discarded clothes, to reveal a plain, totally unmarked, white cardboard box. Opening it carefully I peered in, saw nothing but bubble wrap and slipped my hand inside. Gripping everything tightly I eased the contents out of the box slowly, placed it on my bed and removed the bubble wrap, to reveal a brand new, silver, male masturbator, one condom and a tube of lubrication.
By now my cock had started to soften again so I wrapped my hand back around it and stroked myself back to hardness, before tearing the condom open and slipping it over my shaft. Picking up the lube, and toy, I went back to the window and held it up before opening the lube and smothering my, condom covered, cock with it.
Once I was completely covered I took hold of my shaft in my left hand and, with my right, eased my cock in to the tight, latex, pussy shaped, opening. Gasping at just how tight the toy seemed to grip my cock I slowly began to move it back and forth along the full length of my shaft, slowly at first, until I felt my legs start to buckle and my body begin to tremble on ecstasy.
Knowing I wasn't going to last much longer I gripped the toy as tightly as I could and masturbated furiously until I felt the first, violent, twitch of my cock buried in the toy and began to come. Feeling weaker by the second, and with my heart pounding against the inside of my chest, I collapsed on to my bed and pinched my nipples, as I continued to come, flooding the condom more than I thought was possible, until I was completely drained. Releasing the toy, and with sweat oozing from every pore of my body, I closed my eyes and lay my head back until my breathing returned to normal.
Once it had I opened my eyes, saw the open card on the cabinet next to me and glanced at the small radio alarm to see the numbers reading eleven fifty five. Hopefully now I would find out if the person who left me such an amazing present would really reveal themselves to me but, even if they didn't, mornings were never going to be the same again.



Melody Parks said...

Damn, Morbius! What a hot concept. You've gripped my curiosity about WHO sent him this package. I hope you go on with this one next week ☺

Rebecca Black said...

I love these male masturbating toys. This is a hot one, Morbius!