Monday, 24 August 2015

Masturbation Monday: The power of your voice

The power of your voice

It had been so long since we had made love that I had forgotten what your soft body against mine felt like, yet that didn't stop me dreaming that, maybe one day, we would fuck again like we had when we first met, damn those days were good. Morning, noon and night we would be at it and there was no position, no kink, out of bounds as we get to know every inch of each others body, intimately. Then, just like I always seemed to, I fucked up and until those first few weeks returned I had to make do with my dreams, my fantasies, and my hand.
Thanks to my stupidity, my paranoia, masturbation was now the only release I had from the sexual frustration which tore through my body every time I looked at you, thought of you or even heard your soft voice. Even just thinking of your soft skin, your firm full breasts, your gorgeous legs and tight, shaved, pussy drove me wild with lust, and had me hard within seconds and today was no exception.
Even though we'd ended our phone conversation with yet another argument my cock had stayed as hard as it had gone when I first heard your voice on the other end of the line, just as it always did.
For a few seconds I stared at the receiver, and wondered whether to call you back, even though my cock was pressing so hard against the zipper of my jeans it was beginning to hurt. Deciding it would be better to let you calm down I replaced the receiver, lay back on the sofa and quckly undid my jeans, to release my throbbing hardness, not even bothering to check if my front door was locked.
Closing my eyes I pictyred you in the room with me, naked and curled my fist lightly around my hard shaft and slowly, at least to begin with, began to move my hand up and down the shaft while letting my free hand slip between my legs and toy with my tight ass, just like you always used to. Moaning your name softly as I increased the speed of my hand around my cock, the finger I was using to trace my tight hole eventually slipped through my feeble defenses and quickly found my prostate.
Gasping loudly,not caring if anybody heard me through the paper thin walls or not, my legs began to tremble violently and my balls tightened in their sac. Furiously I stroked my hardness and as I flicked the finger, buried in my ass, over my prostate my cock twitched in my fist.
Calling out your name as the first stream of thick, milky, liquid exploded forcefully from the slit in the end of my cock, and splashing on my face, I continue to stroke myself until I had completely milked every drop of seed from my body.



Kayla Lords said...

That's kind of heartbreaking...and yet, really freaking hot. God, I am a total sucker for male masturbation. ;)

F. Leonora Solomon said...

one hundred percent on board with Kayla, heartbreaking but heart with the longing that always tugs at my heart...