Monday, 10 August 2015

Masturbation monday: Katy reveals herself

Katy reveals herself

“Would you like me to finish that off for you?”
Hearing the sound of the female voice I instantly released my grip on the toy, opened my eyes and came face to face with a stunning blonde who I recognized, but couldn't place at that exact moment.
“I see you are enjoying your gift,” the blonde purred, dropping to her knees in front of me.
“You were the one who sent it?” I asked, my flaccid cock which was still encased in the tightness of the toy an obvious sign of my embarrassment.
“Yes I was,” the blonde replied, inching closer toward me. “You always seemed to be enjoying yourself so much watching me from your window I thought it was only fair for you to return the favour, and I just knew you, and your ego, wouldn't resist the challenge.”
“No red blooded male would have been able to resist watching you, flaunting your body in your window. It was almost as if you wanted to be caught.”
“Maybe I did,” she purred, “ and the name's Katy, by the way.”
Before I had a chance to reply she reached forward, wrapped her fingers around the silver casing of her gift and slowly began using the toy to stroke my cock back to hardness.
Once I was fully hard she ordered me to close my eyes and continue to stroke my cock slowly, and making sure I didn't come. With my eyes closed I heard her stand up and I thought she was just going to walk out, but suddenly heard her undoing the zipper on the jacket she had entered my flat wearing.
“Open your eyes now!” Katy snapped and, as I did, I saw her standing before me wearing nothing but a pink lace basque.
Her perfectly formed breasts strained at the fabric of her lingerie, her erect nipples clearly visibly through the flimsy material, and my cock began to throb even more inside the toy as she just stood there and stared down at me seductively.
“You never did answer the question I asked when I first walked in,” Katy whispered, before dropping back to her knees and easing herself between my legs.
Thinking back to when she entered, and caught me stroking my cock with the toy, her words suddenly came back to me.
“Oh fuck I'd love you to,” I gasped, releasing the toy and reaching for her hand.
Staring down, as Katy wrapped her fingers back around her present I watched as she slipped her free hand between her legs, and began masturbating herself, the look of pure lust in her eyes as she stroked my cock vigorously.
I knew I wouldn't be able to last long, especially with the speed she was jerking the toy up and down the length of my shaft, and looked down at her gorgeous cleavage. I hoped she would remove the toy, free her breasts, and let me cover her with my seed when I felt my body started to tremble violently, my balls tightening in their sac.
“F-fuck I'm going to come,” I blurted out, trying desperately not to explode in the toy.
As soon as I had finished warning her Katy pulled the toy from my cock, wrapped her fingers around my shaft and, to my utter surprise, lowered her head and began sucking me until I couldn't hold back any longer.
My cock twitched violently and I groaned out loudly as I felt the first stream of my come erupt from the slit in my cock, deep in Katy's throat. Greedily she continued to suck my throbbing shaft, massaging my balls as she did, until I was completely drained.
Slowly Katy pulled her head back, her eyes never leaving mine and let my cock fall from her mouth.
“Fuck that was amazing,” I gasped breathlessly, my heart still pounding in my chest as if it was trying to burst free.
“It wasn't too bad,” Katy replied, a surprising hint of disappointment in her voice. “I just hope you last a lot longer when I come back next week.”
Opening my mouth to say something Katy placed the fingers she had been masturbating herself with against my lips and giving me a taste of her sweet juices, to keep me quiet, before standing up, slipping her jacket back on and walking out of my flat without another word.



F. Leonora Solomon said...

i guess somebody's dream came true!

Kayla Lords said...

Lucky guy! A gift, a girl, and a promise for next week. Rawr!

Christina Mandara said...

Woot! What a tasty little snippet - nice ending, too. Not so much as a word of goodbye ;)

Horny GeekGirl said...

Oh my. What a sexy little story.

I love that she doesn't really say goodbye.

HGG. xx