Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser: A taste of Honey

Tuesday is upon us once again, and that can only mean I'm back with yet another short to tantalize and tease you.

As always I'm not the only teaser roaming around the web and if, once you have read my offering, you would be so kind as to click on the above image you will be whisked away to a magical portal, where all my amazingly talented friends will be waiting for your visit.

Thank you

A taste of Honey

As I lay on the bed with my eyes closed, just like Honey had told me to and my hard cock aching for Honey pre cum had already began to seep on to the swollen head. Reaching dowwn I wrapped my hand around the shaft, and began to stroke my hardness, as I felt the bed dip. Expecting her to lay next me I began to move to one side of the bed, only for her to stop me.
Before I had a chance to ask what was wrong her hand reached down, replaced my hand with hers and slowly began to stroke my cock, her tongue occasionally flicking along my glans. Gasping each time she did, my cock twitching with the lightness of her touch, I felt the bed shift again.
“Now open your eyes.”
I did as she asked and found myself staring, not at her slightly tanned face but her thick, hard, cock instead. As she positioned herself above me, the tip of her shaft hanging tantalizing close to my lips, Honey wrapped her lips around my shaft. Opening my mouth I lifted my head slightly, as she slowly lowered her body, until every inch of her shaft was buried in the back of my throat.



Kendel Davi said...

Very nice, Julez. A surprise and passionate response to what he saw right in front of him.

The AfterDark World with Ray Sostre said...

A very erotic piece there Julez! As always!

Naomi said...

Very erotic. I'm sure they both had fun

Doris O'connor said...

We can always rely on you to bring the heat, Julez :-)