Friday, 26 June 2015

Flash Fiction Friday: Proving you wrong

Proving you wrong

Pushing the door open I stepped inside and had a good look around, before making my way over to the bar. As I ordered a double Jack Daniels I felt someone touch my shoulder, and spun around.
“I wasn't sure you'd come.”
“Why would you think that?”
“Guess I thought you'd be like all the others,” she replied.
“And that is?”
“That I'm good enough to talk and flirt with online,” she began. “but when it came to us actually meeting you'd run a mile.”
“Guess you got me wrong then because, to me, every inch of you is perfect.”



Dariel Raye said...

Hi, Julez! I like your new site design :-) Enjoyed the flash, too. Sweet. I'd like to meet him, too.

Doris O'connor said...

Ah, lovely flash :-)