Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Tantalizing Tuesday Tease: I would do anything for you

I would do anything for you

As I looked in to your eyes, as you slowly stroked Matt's hard cock, you ran your tongue seductively along your lips.
“Do it for me, babe,” you whispered. “Suck his cock.”
As you spoke you pushed his hard shaft towards my face, and smiled.
I'd never done it before never even held another man's cock, even though I'd often wondered what it would be like, but since Terri and I had got together we'd talked about me doing it. Besides she'd given oral to Claire, our best friend, during another threesome when I'd asked her so I couldn't very well refuse.
“Fuck, baby, that looks so fucking hot.”
Unable to answer I glanced up at her, and continued to bob my head up and down, moving her hand so I could stroke him instead.
After a few minutes Matt's body tensed and he rammed his cock to the back of my throat, just as his cock violently twitched and he started to come. Eventually, when I'd fully drained him, I took my mouth from his shaft and looked at Terri.
“Told you, I'd do anything for you baby,” I whispered,before pulling her close and kissing her passionately.



Doris O'connor said...

*fans self* A hawt tease, Julez :-D

Kendel Davi said...

That was hot as all hell, Julez! Excellent tease with passionate action.

Angelica Dawson said...

Very sexy