Sunday, 3 May 2015

Sinful Sunday; Obedience earns rewards

Obedience earns rewards

Tell me slave does my pussy look nice?”
“Yes, Mistress, it does.”
“Would you like to taste it, slave?”
“Please, Mistress, very much.”
Natalia slid her fingers between the folds of her wetness, lifted her finger to her mouth and sucked it clean.
“Mmm I taste so good tonight slave.”
John knelt before his mistress silently, his mouth salivating at the thought of licking and sucking the juice from within, his cock throbbing in the cage it was encased in as he watched Natalia slowly start to run her middle finger up and down her swollen lips.
John had only been Natalia's slave for a week and this was the first time she had allowed him to see her most intimate area and as she continued to masturbate herself slowly, her fingers slipping effortlessly in and out of her wetness, all John could do was watch.
It was his own fault though, he had tried to push her too quickly and that was why she had attached the thick chain, to keep him under her control and remind him who was in charge.
Loosening her grip slightly she smiled at John but, as he moved a little closer, her grip soon tightened on the chain again, keeping him no more than six inches from her opening.
“Can you smell my sweet aroma slave? I bet you can almost taste my juices, the juices you so desperately want to lap from my wet pussy, can't you?”
“I can, Mistress, and if I may be permitted I'd just say how delicious you smell?”
“You are a good slave, quick to learn and eager to please but I am not sure you have earned the right to enjoy my sweet juices just yet.”
John's desperation to be allowed to pleasure Natalia was all to evident on his face, she had seen the same look so many times and knew that she would soon break him, soon own him completely but she needed to now just how far he was prepared to go for her.
With her fingers still running up and down her pussy Natalia lifted her foot and held it an inch or two in front his face.
“Kiss my feet slave, worship your Mistress, prove your devotion to me and only me.”
John raised his head and paused, just for a fraction of a second but that was all it took.
“I see you want all the good things but refuse to earn them.”
Natalia pulled the chain tightly and moved her face towards his.
“You do realize that you aren't going to leave her until you are one hundred percent obedient, until you know your place in a relationship don't you?”
“I do, Mistress, and I am sorry.”
“I don't believe that you are. Maybe I should just put you in there until you learn some discipline.”
As she spoke she glanced over to the six foot by four foot cage in the corner of the room, jerking the chain so John looked as well.
“Is that what you want slave? Shall I put you in there and find a real man to satisfy me?”
“No, Mistress, please it won't happen again.”
Natalia lifted her foot once again and this time John took it lightly in his hands, lowered his head and began to lick, kiss and suck her feet and toes as she continued to masturbate, her movements getting faster as she felt her orgasm building.
After a few minutes she could no longer hold back and jerked hard on the chain, pulling John down level with her aching pussy. Once he was in the position she wanted Natalia let herself go and, as she did, she looked down and smiled.
The first of her juices squirted from between her lips, coating John's face completely.
“So, slave, do I taste as good as I smell then?”
As she continued to ejaculate she looked down at John, who's mouth was wide open and watched, smiling, as he moved his head to make sure he caught every drop of her orgasm.


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