Monday, 20 April 2015

Masturbation Monday: A perfect start to the week

A perfect start to the week

As the early morning drifted across the bedroom I could feel Eddie's fingers circling my hard shaft, and turned to face him. Shocked to see his eyes closed I lifted my head, before reaching down and wrapping my fingers around him. After kissing his soft lips lightly I began to move my hand up and down his shaft, and watched as his eyes slowly opened. Eddie smiled and, as I continued to stroke his hardness, soft moans escaped from his lips.
“Good morning, handsome,” I whispered, staring deep in to his piercing blue eyes.
“Morning yourself, gorgeous,” Eddie replied. “That feels so good, please don't stop.”
“I won't, as long as you don't,” I whispered before kissing him once again, this time a lot more passionately.
Eddie's soft fingers tightened around my shaft as he began to move his hand a lot faster, our tongues finally meeting and entwining together and I sped my own movements up to match his.
Pulling his lips from mine, after a couple of minutes, Eddie gasped loudly.
“Fuck, Mark, I'm going to come,” he moaned breathlessly, his body starting to tense next to mine.
Smiling as I heard those words I tightened my grip and stroked him as fast as I could, before turning my body into his. Within seconds Eddie arched his back, and gasped loudly, as the first stream of his seed erupted from the slit in his cock, splashing all over my chest and stomach.
Slowly I continued to stroke his cock until he was completely drained, then rolled back on to my back.
“That has to be one of the best ways to wake up,” Eddie finally gasped breathlessly.
“One of the best?” I replied quizzically, turning to stare back into his eyes.
“Well I can think of at least another two.”
Before I had chance to respond Eddie straddled me and made his way down my body, before taking hold of my hardness and lowering his head, his soft lips closing around the swollen head of my cock and taking me all the way to the back of his throat.



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The AfterDark World with Ray Sostre said...

A very hot piece you wrote Julez. Great work!