Monday, 23 March 2015

Masturbation Monday: Toys aren't just for women

Toys are not just for women

The package had arrived just as I was about to leave for work that morning. Knowing exactly what it was I slammed the door shut, making sure it was locked tightly as well, before heading back to my bedroom and closing that door as well. Sitting on the bed I turned the package over and over in my hand, the anticipation of the delight with causing a shiver to course through my body.
Hurriedly I tore the wrapping from the package, letting it fall around my feet and held the box up in front of my face. I had never used anything like it before yet, after seeing it used on one of the videos I had watched a few weeks earlier, I had scoured the internet for one, hurriedly purchasing it before I had time to think about changing my mind.
Carefully I opened one end of the box, held it lengthways and let the contents slide out and in to my hand. Once the box was empty I placed the tube that came with it on the bed next to me, quickly read the instructions and headed into the bathroom. After running it under lukewarm water, as per the instructions, I took it back to the bedroom glanced at the instructions once more and pieced it together.
Once it was ready I stripped out of my clothes and grabbed a condom from my bedside drawer, slipping it over my hard shaft. Picking up the tube of lubrication, which had fallen out of the box with the toy, I unscrewed the lid and squeezed a small amount over the tips of my fingers before massaging the pussy-like opening in the end of the toy.
Once I was certain that I had covered the slit enough I lay back on my bed, gripped my hard shaft in one hand, closed my eyes and began to press the toy against the swollen head of my cock. As I slid easily into toy I was surprised, not just, at just how tight it was around my cock but also how much like a real pussy it felt.
Gripping the toy tightly I continued to move it up and down my shaft, imagining it was her rocking back and forth on my cock, before lifting my knees and parting my legs wide. I could feel my orgasm starting to build in my body, my balls tightening in their sac first and started to masturbate as fast as I could.
Bucking my hips, like I did when she had been on top, I lifted my hand above my head before slowly running it down my body. My nipples felt sensitive to the touch and as I continued to run my fingers down, over my stomach, my legs began to tremble violently. Dropping my hand on to the bed, as I thrust into the toy hard, I slipped it under my left knee and, before realizing what I was doing, I began toying with the tightness of my ass.
Although I had never done it before just the feel of my middle finger circling my tight hole drove me wild with lust and I wondered if what I had heard about rubbing the male prostate, just as the man was about to cum, giving massive orgasms was really true and before I knew it I slipped my finger deep in to my ass.
Gasping loudly, thankful that I was in the house alone, I began circling my prostate as I masturbated faster than I could ever remember doing before I felt my cock twitch violently inside the toy. Moaning I felt the first stream of my thick, milky, liquid erupt from the end of my cock and continued to stroke my shaft and finger-fuck my ass, not stopping until I was completely drained, all the time wondering if I would ever find another woman that could make me cum as much, or as forcefully, as my new toy.


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