Monday, 22 December 2014

Masturbation Monday: A gift for my Christmas Angel

It's Christmas week in The Crypt so, as Christmas is a time of giving, here is Monday's present for you.

Merry Christmas Everybody

A gift for my Christmas Angel

As I woke up, alone, I looked around my room and knew it was my fault I was spending this day by myself. If only I hadn't been so afraid to tell you what I really thought, what I really wanted, you might have been here to celebrate Christmas with me. It wasn't as if you didn't feel the same because, after all, you had dropped enough hints throughout the last six months about wanting the same thing.
Sitting up I turned to glance at the bedside clock, hoping to see at least half the day had already gone only, instead of the clock being where it had always been, there was only a bottle of lube, an open packet of condoms and the toy I had brought to help me get through the lonely nights.
Picking up the toy I was about to launch it across the room, only suddenly stopped. Holding it in my hands I started to think of you, wondering what you would be doing and whether there would still be any chance for us, or if I had really blown my one chance of true happiness.
The thing was the more I thought about you the harder my cock became and, with the toy in my hand, coupled with my desperation for you, I reached for the lube and smothered my hardness, as well as the tight opening of the toy. Holding my cock I closed my eyes and began to slowly ease the toy down, over my cock.
Once my full shaft was covered I began to masturbate as I dreamed it was your mouth, and not the toy, tightly gripping my hardness. For a few minutes I just lay there slowly stroking my cock, and occasionally moaning your name, when I suddenly thought of something which, I hoped, would make you realize just how much I really wanted you.
Releasing the toy I looked over the edge of the bed, saw my phone and picked it up. Standing it against the bottle of lube I found the camera, switched it to video and pressed record.
Wrapping my hand around the toy I began to stroke myself again when, after a few minutes, I rolled on to my front. Holding the toy at an angle on the bed, and myself up with my other hand, I slowly began to buck my hips and fuck the toy. With each thrust I called out your name, told you how much I wanted, needed and loved you until I couldn't speak any more.
With my breathing erratic, and my heart pounding in my chest, I felt my balls start to tighten and my legs began to tremble violently. Knowing I was about to come I pulled my cock from the toy, turned to face the camera and continued masturbating until I felt my cock twitch for the first time.
Staring in to the camera I continued to stroke my hard shaft, twitch after twitch of my cock releasing more of my seed, until I was completely drained.
“I love you so much, babe,” I managed to gasp breathlessly, as I let my cock fall from my grip “Merry Christmas.”
As soon as I finished speaking I hit stop, scrolled to your number and pressed send.



Muffy Wilson said...

Jules, what a fucking sexy piece. Geez, I'll have that image in my head all day. I loved it. Very hot, Julez, scorcher. xo

Doris O'connor said...

Bless him. No idea what he's done to cause him being on his own, but I hope that video works.

*fans self*