Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser: A different kind of Sunday roast

A very different kind of Sunday roast

For years I'd fantasized about being in the position I was now in but I'd never actually expected it to ever happen so when Terri invited me to hers for a Sunday roast I'd pictured her slaving over a hot oven before serving a beautifully home cooked joint of meat, with all the trimmings, not me being on her bed with my face buried in the covers and my ass up in the air as her hard cock thrust slowly in and out of me. Each thrust from her hard cock made me gasp in to the bed and it was those gasps which meant I didn't hear the bedroom door open.
With Terri still drilling my tight ass, her thrusts getting faster and harder, I lifted my head to groan and saw her best friend Alexis standing by the side of the bed totally naked, with her own cock as hard and as beautiful as Terri's.
Before I could say a word Terri bent forward, and whispered in to my ear.
“Is this how you'd always imagined it would be like?” She asked, as Alexis climbed on to the bed, placed her legs either side of my body, gripped my head and slowly pushed her cock passed my lips.



Anonymous said...

Julez, great word play to go with the visual. Nice work as always.

Angelica Dawson said...

So spicy

Naomi said...

So sexy. A roast of the alternative kind. Great pic to go with your teaser

Muffy Wilson said...

What a visual delight and juicy narrative. Well done, again, Julez. Very provocative and sexy. xo