Sunday, 12 October 2014

Sinful Sunday: Keeping the boss happy

Keeping the boss happy

Gripping Marco's tie and pulling his face towards hers Sasha stared deep into his eyes.
“Looks like you've got me where you want me Marco.”
“Looks that way.”
Marco placed his lips forcefully against hers, eased his tongue into her mouth and began to kiss her passionately. He could feel his hardness throbbing against his boxer shorts, his urgency for her growing by the second, yet she kept her knee raised to stop him lowering himself onto her.
Pulling her lips from his Sasha released the tie a little and smiled.
“Feels like someone is eager to prove themselves,” she whispered as she slipped her hand between their bodies and gave his cock a little squeeze.
“You don't know how long I have wanted to get you alone.”
“I think I do Marco only I think you'll find it is I who got you alone, not the other way around.”
Marco didn't answer that instead he leaned forward, pressed his hardness against her again and went to kiss her, only she pulled her head back and smiled seductively. Slipping her free hand into his boxer shorts Sasha wrapped her slender fingers around his hard shaft and began to stroke him.
Marco moaned softly as her hand moved up and down the full length of his shaft slowly, before she suddenly released him.
“You have so much to learn about me Marco,” Sasha purred sexily before opening her legs slightly, “and the first thing you have to learn is that until you make me cum with your tongue you aren't getting any where near my pussy with your cock, no matter how impressive it feels.”
Releasing the tie Sasha lay back on the luxurious rug and closed her eyes. Looking down at her perfect figure Marco hooked his fingers into the waistband of her panties and began to ease them down, lowering his head towards her shaved pussy. Easing her panties below her knees Marco placed his hands on her thighs, parted her legs a little more and began flicking his tongue over her slightly parted lips. Hearing her moan Marco eased his tongue into her slowly used one hand to hold her open and began to flick over and round her erect clit.
Sasha continued to moan softly until Marco eased two fingers inside her, causing her to buck her hips. Thrusting with his fingers, as fast and as deep as he could, Marco continued to lap at her wetness, sucking and, occasionally, nipping her swollen bud.
After about thirty minutes Sasha gripped Marco by the hair, wrapped her legs around his neck and ground her pussy against his fingers and tongue, screaming loudly.
“Oh...fuck...yes...I',” Sasha screamed, slipping her own fingers onto her pussy and rubbing in time with Marco.
“Nobody has ever made me cum like that Marco,” Sasha gasped. “Now fuck me. However if you're late for work once more you are fired.”


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