Friday, 31 October 2014

Flash Fiction Friday: The morning after

Good morning everyone and a very happy Halloween to each and every one of you. As it's Friday it's time to take one picture and one hundred words and flash for you.

As always I have a number of friends who also love to flash and they would love you to go and see what they have in store for you this week.

Thank you.

The morning after

As I opened my eyes with one arm under the head of one of the guys I had met less than twelve hours earlier, the other resting on his shoulder, I stared vacantly at the ceiling and listened to the sound of their soft breathes as they continued to sleep.
I'd never meant for the night to end like it had, I'd never done anything like the things the three of us did until the early hours of the morning, yet all I wanted was for the two of them to wake so we could continue where we left off.



Naomi said...

Funny when circumstances predict when you need something. I'm sure they will spend much more time together carrying on where they left off. Great flash

Angelica Dawson said...

Always wanting more. I would't want to move, personally. They look so cozy!

Muffy Wilson said...

Things do tend to fall into place to send us a message, if we choose to listen. This was a very insightful flash, very prophetic, Julez. Wonderfully written and jammed packed with message. xo