Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser: A feeling like no other

As it's Tuesday once again some of my friends and I have new teases for you and I would be grateful if, after reading mine, you would visit the following link, read and commented on theirs as well.

Thank you

A feeling like no other

As soon as I felt your hands grip my ass, your sharp nails digging in to my soft flesh and the thick rounded head of your newest purchase I gasped. This one felt a lot thicker than any of your others and, even though both my ass and the toy were smothered in the sticky lube, I winced as you began to push the hard tip against my tightness.
As I felt my ass open a little more, thanks to each small thrust of your hips, the feeling of being torn in half slowly gave way to a feeling like no other, a feeling it had taken me so many years to find.
As you gripped my ass even tighter, pulling my cheeks open as you did, I moaned loudly. Pushing back against your toy I gripped the sheets and buried my face in to the pillows, to stop myself from screaming out, as the hard shaft of your fake cock went as far in to my ass as it could.
Feeling the swollen head press against my prostate I reached between my legs, gripped my hard cock and began to masturbate slowly, until I couldn't hold back any longer.



J.P. Stevens said...

Oh gosh that was detailed Julez. Your tease goes with the picture perfectly. Xx

Doris O'connor said...

That's one hot tease, Julez. Fabulous :-)

Dakota Trace said...

Intensely sexual tease. Whew.


Muffy Wilson said...

Friggin' sexy hot, Julez. I couldn't hold back any longer either!! Great tease. Loved it. xo

Naomi said...

That's one hot sexy teaser indeed! You certainly started the party!

Mangus Khan said...

You definitely brought the heat this week ... nicely done

Angelica Dawson said...

Extremely sexy