Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Wicked Wednesday: A very fulfilling afternoon

Halfway through another week and it's time to get wicked.

A very fulfilling afternoon

As I knelt on the bed with my legs spread as wide as possible, my ass ready for what was coming, I looked back and saw him standing there. He was totally naked, and stroking his thick cock, as he looked at me and I began to wonder if I would be able to take him.
He was at least nine inches long and nearly as thick as my forearm yet I wanted, no needed, him to fuck me as hard as he could. Reaching between my own legs I gripped my hard shaft and began to stroke myself slowly as he walked toward the bed, his lubricated hardness glistening under the light.
“Fuck me, Chris, please,” I gasped, still stroking my cock. “I have waited too long for this.”
“So have I,” Chris replied, as he knelt on the bed behind me, his cock only inches from my tight, yet eager, hole.
Pushing my ass back I felt the tip of Chris' cock against my hole, and buried my face in to the bed as he pushed forward. At first he struggled to get the thick swollen head of his cock in me but, after a few gentle pokes and thrusts, he eventually managed to break through my defence.
As he slowly continued to push forward I gasped loudly, his cock feeling even thicker than it looked, until I finally felt his swollen balls slap against my ass. Chris paused, so I could get used to his thickness, before he began to slowly buck his hips, his cock moving back and forth in my ass, the pain I was suffering eventually morphing in to a pleasure the like of which I had never experienced in my life before.
“You are so fucking tight, Sam,” Chris grunted as he thrust his cock in in my ass and held it there, the swollen head pressing against my prostate.
“Oh fuck, Chris, come for me I want to feel you cock explode in my ass,” I groaned, reaching back between my legs and beginning to stroke my own hardness furiously. “I want us to come together.”
“So do I, Sam, so do I”
Chris' thrust became faster, harder and more erratic as he got nearer and nearer to his ejaculation, my own not too far away, judging my the trembling in my body, the tightness of my balls and the sweat pouring from my head.
“Fuck, Chris, I'm going to come,” I yelled, my cock twitching violently in my fist.
“So am I,” Chris grunted, driving his hard shaft deep in to my ass one last time before I felt his thickness start to spasm and his warm seed entering my body.
As soon as he started to flood my body I couldn't hold back any longer and, loosening the grip on my shaft, began to come, more than I could ever remember coming in my life. Eventually Chris' thrusts slowed, then stopped and as he pulled his, still hard cock, from my ass I collapsed on to the bed.
As Chris collapsed on his back next to me I turned to face him, put my hand on his chest and traced my fingers over his muscular frame. For a couple of minutes I continued to molest his strong body before letting my fingers slowly travel down, over his stomach, until I found what I still desperately wanted and wrapped them around his hardness.
“Fuck, Sam, you're insatiable,” Chris groaned, as I began to stroke the full length of his shaft slowly.
“It's your fault, you shouldn't be so fucking hot,” I whispered, before lifting my head and bending towards his cock, my mouth wide open.


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