Saturday, 7 June 2014

The types of spam

Happy Saturday. Crypt Dwellers.

Today I am pissed off and there is a fucking good reason for it. I have had to add show word verification to this blog due to the excessive amount of spam I have been receiving.

Now doubt get me wrong as an author I love to receive comments, whether they are constructive or just to say how much the post was enjoyed (just wish I got a lot more though as my views to comments ration is worse than abysmal). However I DON'T need viagra (No problem in that department thank you ;) ), extra painkillers (I already have to take more than enough) and all the other crap that would no doubt be hidden behind the links added at the end of comments received from ANONYMOUS. 

Now we all know there are different types of spam and, by using pictures and words, I shall now show you the difference.

Good Spam - especially between two slices of thick bread and smothered in English mustard or pickle.

Bad spam: Love this post come and love mine as well and get a years supply of viagra to boost your sex-life.

1 comment:

Doris O'connor said...

Glad to hear you don't need Viagra, Jules ;-)

On a serious note, what are your settings like on blogger? Most, if not all of the spam I get ends up in the spam folder.
You can also set it so no Anonymous can post a comment.

I hate captcha myself, as it's such a faff, but needs must I guess.