Monday, 16 June 2014

Masturbation Monday: The wait is almost over

The wait is almost over

For years I had been searching for the perfect woman, the woman I wanted to spend every second of my life with, only for years I had been looking in the wrong fucking place. It was purely by chance we spoke that day but, after seeing your words on the screen, your smiling image just above them, I knew my search was finally over.
Now, as I lay in bed, a smile formed on my lips and I started to think about you again, just like I did every morning when I woke up alone. In fact you were all I had thought about ever since we first met online and, after spending the last eight months getting to know you, I had been looking forward to the day we finally met in person, and that day was finally here.
In less than six hours, you were going to knock on my front door and I would at last be able to wrap my arms around your gorgeous body, pull you close and finally place my lips against yours. Just the thought of being able to hold you close, your body pressed against mine, your small, yet beautiful, breasts pressing against my chest caused my cock to harden rapidly.
Slowly I ran my hand down over my chest pausing only to pinch, and harden, my nipples before wrapping my fist around my hard shaft. Closing my eyes I pictured your beautiful, naked, body lying there next to me and began to stroke my hardness slowly.
The longer I masturbated the more I began to wish you'd just burst through my door, and catch me. Nothing turned me on more than being watched by a beautiful woman, as I stroked my own cock, nothing except for the thought of that beautiful woman taking control and fucking my ass with a large strap on.
Keeping hold of my shaft I reached for my bedside cabinet and eased open the top drawer , After rummaging around for a few seconds I found what I was looking for, and removed it. Keeping my eyes closed, and stroking my hardness slowly, I opened my mouth and lifted what I had removed from the drawer to my lips. Flicking my tongue out I felt the head of the toy, opened my mouth as wide as I could and began to suck the fake cock greedily.
Once it was wet enough I removed it, parted my legs and began to tease my tight virgin ass, pushing and probing until I felt the thick rounded end slide inside me. Slowly I eased the toy as deep in to my ass as I could as I felt my legs start to tremble violently. Knowing I was about to come I tensed my body, determined to hold back as long as possible and began to stroke myself furiously.
With my heart pounding in my chest, and sweat covering my forehead, I finally relaxed. Screaming out your name I bucked my hips, driving the toy against my prostate as I did and began to come. Fucking my ass violently with the toy I milked every drop of my seed from the end of my cock, covering my chest in a river of my white milky fluid, until I collapsed breathlessly, the toy still embedded deep inside my ass, and began dreaming of when you arrived to fuck me with your very own, very real, cock.


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The AfterDark World with Ray Sostre said...

Well, I'm impressed with your work man. Good snippet!