Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Wicked Wednesday: Julie's first time

Julie's first time

As I stared deep in to Georgia's eyes, my leg over her beautiful naked body and her hand holding mine, I couldn't believe what was happening. We had known each other for about six years, ever since meeting at college and had never even spoken about having feelings for each other.
Yet here we were, in bed, naked and deeply in love. How it happened neither of us knew but as I leaned forward, and closed my eyes, I placed my lips against hers. The softness of her lips made my body shiver like never before, and I felt like waves of electricity were coursing through my body.
Pulling my head back I was about to tell her what I had just felt but, before I could, Georgia placed a finger against my lips, smiled and lowered her head. Running my fingers through her soft brunette hair I threw my head back, as I felt her tongue flick across my semi hard nipples. Gasping softly I felt more shivers of ecstasy coursing through my body and as Georgia teased each of my nipples in turn I could tell that, even though she was mine, I wasn't her first.
Nervously I lifted my hand up and placed it lightly on one of her breasts, my thumb brushing over her small, yet beautiful, nipple. Feeling it stiffen under my touch I gently began to massage her breasts gently as she continued to suck, lick and flick her tongue over mine. I had never felt as passionate as I did at that very second but when I suddenly felt Georgia's hand running down, over my stomach, the waves of ecstasy I had felt so far were nothing compared to what was happening now.
My whole body began to tremble with excitement, I could hardly catch my breath and the feeling between my legs was like nothing I had ever felt before. My pussy started to tingle, I could feel myself becoming wetter and then, when I felt Georgia's fingers running along my slightly parted lips, my body gave up and my first orgasm tore through my body.
Georgia lifted her head, her fingers still working there magic on my body, and eased herself up the bed so her face was just inches away from mine.
“You will never know how long I have waited for this.”
“I can't believe it's happening,” I somehow managed to gasped back, as Georgia plunged two fingers deep in to my body.
“Oh it's happening, Julie, believe me,” Georgia whispered, her fingers slowly fucking my soaking pussy, “and tonight is just the beginning.”



Pablo Michaels said...

Very well done. The sensations she felt were precisely accurate for her first time with her friend. A good romantic yet sexiually appealing scene between two women making love for the first time as friends.

Rolling Muse in The Roses said...

WOW!! I loved this! Need to keep going with it. So full of passion and love, and I love that its her first time. Made me shiver and wanting more. :) Great story!!