Thursday, 10 April 2014

Transsexual Thursday Fiction: Consummating our love

It's the return of Transsexual Thursday, only the return comes with a change. Now, instead of the images of beautiful Transsexuals I used to bring you, there will be just one image and little piece of erotica to go with it.

Consummating our love

Kim pushed her hard cock deeper and deeper in to my ass slowly, as I gripped her thigh and winced. With every inch of her thickness buried deep inside me, and her swollen balls resting against my ass, Kim began to thrust slowly. Every time she was as deep in me as she could get Kim paused, to make sure I was okay and wanted to carry on.
It was my first time and, although it had hurt a little when she had forced the thick head of her hardness into my tight virgin ass, I was surprised that it didn't hurt a hell of a lot more.
“Yes, babe, I'm fine. Don't stop now.”
Moaning loudly, as she pushed her thick shaft fully in to my ass, I almost came right there and then as the gorgeous, swollen, head of her cock pressed against my prostate.
“Fuck, Kim, that feels so good,” I somehow managed to gasp as I pushed my ass back against her, desperate to take even more of her hardness in to me.
Reaching between my legs I wrapped my fingers around my own hardness and began to masturbate, in time with her thrusts, my urge to come increasing every time Kim buried her cock deep in to me.
I knew Kim wasn't going to last much longer either as her thrusting became faster, harder and the pain in my ass began to increase. Listening to her breathless moans, and stroking my cock faster and faster, I felt my balls tighten and my body begin to tremble.
“I',” I managed to gasp, as I felt my cock start to twitch in my hand. “Come with me, Kim, please.”
Thrusting harder and faster Kim suddenly stopped, her cock buried as deep in my as as possible and I felt her shaft twitch violently.
“Oh fuck yes.”
Hearing her moans of release, and feeling the throbbing of her hardness inside me, I couldn't hold back any longer and loosened the grip I had on my cock as I began to come forcefully, my seed splashing over the fresh sheets of the bed.
Kim seemed like she was going to keep on coming forever but eventually her cock stopped twitching and she pulled out of me, before collapsing on the bed and rolling on to her back.
Looking down at her, small droplets of sweat coating her forehead and the look of pure ecstasy on her face, I smiled and lowered my head, kissing her lightly on the lips.
“I love you so much, babe,” I whispered before laying down next to her, placing my arm across her body and closing my eyes.


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