Monday, 23 December 2013

Masturbation Monday: The best present I ever received

As it's Christmas it would be amiss of me not to bring you all a little tale of self satisfaction, with a festive twist.

The best present I ever received

When I'd first found the package, all wrapped and ready for Christmas, my first instinct had been to throw it out with the rest of the crap she had left behind only instead I had dropped it with the other two presents that were next to my tree.
Even when Christmas morning came and I opened it, to find the toy inside, along with a handwritten note promising me the best Christmas ever all I wanted to do was throw it through the window, yet the more I stared at it the more intrigued I became.
Leaving the other presents, unopened, I headed into my bedroom. Opening the package I removed the toy and stared at it for a few minutes, turning it over and over in my hand, before dropping it on to the bed and quickly stripping out of my clothes.
Stroking my limp cock I walked over to the bedside drawers, opened one and took out the tube of lube, we always kept easily accessible for the nights she fancied indulging in anal. 
Quickly opening the tube I squeezed a large amount in to the palm of my hand and began stroking my cock once again, until I was fully hard. Once I was I smothered a generous amount of the lube over the opening at the end of the toy, before laying back on my bed.
Holding the toy with one hand and my hard shaft with the other I placed the toy against the end of my cock and began to slowly ease my hardness in to the tight opening. Once fully buried in the toy I closed my eyes, threw my head back on to the pillows and began to masturbate. At first I eased the toy back and forth along my shaft slowly but amazed at how tight, yet real, the toy felt soon began to quicken my strokes, until I felt my body start to tremble and my legs shake violently.
Pulling the toy from my cock I gripped my shaft in my right hand and finished myself off, lifting my head and watching as I came over my chest and, as the last of my seed hung from the end of my cock, I found myself thinking about how I had almost thrown the best present I had ever received out with the trash.


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