Friday, 20 December 2013

Flash Fiction Friday: Selina's secret




It's time once again for me to give you all a quick flash. Hopefully you enjoy my take on this week's picture and PLEASE follow the link at the end of my post to see what all my wonderful flasher friends have to say about the same image.

Thank you

Selina's secret

She looked perfect. With her head thrown back, one hand across her small, yet firm, breasts and the other resting on her thigh, the pose was perfect. Standing in front of the, blood red moon, background the only way the image could be improved would be if she actually began to change.
As my brush began to dance over the canvas I thought how people would never believe me if I told them the truth, told them Selina was really a werewolf but one day they would all know the truth, especially those that had mocked the two of us.



Muffy Wilson said...

Oh, YummyYou, Julez. Sexy, foreboding retribution is in the air!! Loved it, as usual, because of your different spin always :) xo

Naomi said...

Sexy. Excellent visuals in a few short words that led to the mysterious truth of Selina. Loved it

Doris O'connor said...

Love this! The hint of danger to come. Great stuff, Julez, as always :-)

Pablo Michaels said...

This was an eerie interpretation but extremely well done. you crafted your ending very well. i like how the painter dares others to doubt herb powers as a werewolf.

Michaela Rhua said...

Great Flash. The idea of someone painting her and hidden truths is fab.