Friday, 22 November 2013

Flash Fiction Friday: Erasing the past




Erasing the past

Standing by the edge of the road I watched as the flames engulfed house I had called home, and could still feel the heat on my skin. Smiling I knew that, within minutes, there would be no reminders of my life before the fire and as I picked up the small holdall of clothes, money and passport I had packed ready for this day, I turned and began to walk away from all the lies, the deceit and the heartbreak I had suffered for years and began my journey to as far away from this place, this life, as possible.



Doris O'connor said...

Wow, loved it. So much hurt packed into 100 words :-)

Michaela Rhua said...

Such painful memories deserved to be destroyed. LOVED IT!

Muffy Wilson said...

That was a fully charged flash of a mere 100 words, Julez. This is tempting me to encourage you to take this farther. Who hasn't dreamed of starting over and burying the past is glowing embers? I loved this flash :) xo

Naomi said...

I felt the hurt burning as the flames did together with his desperation for happiness in a new life. I hope his future is better. Great flash

Fierce Dolan said...

That's kind of a familiar feeling, though going through with it is a whole other thing. Nicely done!

Pablo Michaels said...

I love the picture you created in his eyes, looking at his past go up in flames. Your take on the photo was original and good.