Friday, 25 October 2013

Flash Fiction Friday: Eternal Love




Eternal Love

Standing back I stared at the portrait hanging on the wall and allowed myself a slight smile, it was perfect. The artist had captured the beauty of our eternal love beautifully and the way he had added the flames rising around us, in my favourite blood red, finished the picture exquisitely.
All I had to do now though was get her away from the pathetic mortal she thought she loved, the human that spent night every night he was ever away from home working, at least that's what he told her, in the arms of another woman and make her mine, for eternity.



Michelle Howard said...

vows of vengeance and love stealing. I like a lot. great flash

Muffy Wilson said...

Oh, Jules...unrequited love is a burning passion, sayeth the Lord and Vengeance Master himself. great flash worth waiting for:) xo

Naomi said...

There is a sinister underlying plot afoot here I suspect. Great flash

The AfterDark World with Ray Sostre said...

Pure determination. Great flash Julez.

Rolling Muse in The Roses said...

I hope he gets her away from that pathetic mortal and has her join him in an eternity of love. Beautifully written. I soo want to know more. Can't end here. Must keep going :) ;-) Awesome flash!