Saturday, 14 September 2013

Saturday AfterDark Moments: The perfect end to the perfect vacation

The perfect end to the perfect vacation

When he sent the text, telling me to meet him at the place we first set eyes on each other, he gave no reason. Now though, as I reached the secluded alcove at the end of the beach, I knew exactly what was going happen and just the thought of it caused a stirring inside my shorts.
Saul was lying stretched out on the white sands, totally naked, his thick, uncut, seven inch cock resting on the top of his thigh, his hands behind his head and his eyes closed, he looked absolutely gorgeous.
Stepping closer to the man I had spent most of my holiday with, the hardness inside my shorts growing the closer I got I was suddenly thrown when, without moving, or even opening his eyes, Saul spoke.
“I wasn't sure if you'd come.”
“Why not?” I asked as my eyes traveled over every inch of his muscular body, finally coming to a stop on his cock.
“Not sure but as I knew it was your last day I thought you might have stuff to do. I just couldn't think about not seeing again though.”
“You had no need to worry about that,” I replied, taking another couple of steps forward. “I would have come and found you before I checked out.”
Steeping even closer Saul suddenly reached his arm out and grabbed my ankle, pulling me down on to the sand beside him.
“Couldn't have you standing there much longer, you were blocking my sun,” Saul laughed as he placed his hand back behind his head.
Placing my elbow on the soft sand I lifted my head and lay on my side, staring as Saul's chest rose and fell slowly, my eyes drifting slowly down his body to his cock again. Lifting my other hand I placed it on his muscular pecs and began toying with his hard nipples through the small amount of coarse chest hair covering them.
Saul gasped as I pinched, tweaked and twisted each of his nipples in turn, until they were as hard as they could.
“Fuck, Mark, not so rough, “Saul winced.
“Oh you know you like a bit of rough,” I replied, as I quickly swung, one leg over his body and straddled him.
Bending my head I flicked my tongue over each of his nipples in turn, before biting them a little harder than I meant to. Suddenly Saul bucked his hips and before I had a chance to react I was flat on my back, Saul now on top of me.
“I'm not the only one who likes it rough though, am I?” Saul smirked as he gripped the waistband of my shorts and tore them from my body, leaving me as naked as he was.
Staring back up at him I lifted my hips and ground my hard cock against his naked ass.
“Fuck, Saul, I am going to miss you when I leave.”
“I'm going to miss you as well,” he replied before climbing off me and, effortlessly, flipping me on to my front.
Swiftly he knelt between my legs, gripped my hips in his strong hands and lifted my ass into the air. Placing my hands into in soft sand, to hold myself up, I felt the swollen head of Saul's cock pushing against my ass and braced myself. Slowly Saul began to push forward and I felt my ass part as his cock began to press against my tight hole.
“Jesus, Saul, fuck me, fuck me hard,” I groaned, wincing as the swollen head of his cock slowly eased its way in to my ass.
Saul paused for a couple of seconds, giving me chance to take a deep breath, before he began to thrust slowly forward once again, until his full length was buried deep inside me. Gradually Saul's thrusting become quicker, more erratic, and I knew that he would soon explode and fill my ass with his seed, for the only time since we had first made love.



Pablo Michaels said...

Although there are a few mistakes, you wrote a sexy farewell scene that worked extremely well. I could feel both of their desires to share their bodies in their respective ways. The setting was great. When did they first make love? I'd like to read that scene and what they shared while together this time.

Muffy Wilson said...

Wha...wha...what Michael. There were a few gramatical and structural error, but damned if I could find them now, and they didn't interfere with the pace, the playful and passionate nature of their relationship. I think Saul hit another level in his affections with Mark by first and foremost, sharing the seeds of love and sowing them in Mark. This is a wonderful story. I felt every touch, stroke and nuance. Bravo, Julez:) xo

Naomi said...

Very sexy. A great end to a holiday. I'm glad they are having fun

The AfterDark World with Ray Sostre said...

Holy shit Julez! That was a hell of a smoking piece! You threw down some steamy moments on there. And yes, what a helluva way to end a vacation.