Sunday, 25 August 2013

Sinful Sunday: My boss, my lover

My boss, my lover

“Get your fucking ass in here, Damon.” Marcus bellowed from the doorway of his office.
Saving the work I had been busy on I jumped from the chair and made my way towards his door, straightening my tie as I went. Taking a deep breath I tapped lightly on the dark wood door.
“Yes, come in.”
Gripping the handle tightly, my knuckles turning white, I turned it slowly and pushed the door open.
Yes, Boss, what's up?”
“Shut the door,” Marcus ordered as he stood up from behind his desk and made his way over to me.
Doing as he said I then turned back to face him, only to find him just inches away from me. As I stood there he reached passed me I felt his warm breath on the side of my face, just before I heard the lock on the door click in place and as soon as it did I grabbed him and pulled him close.
“Fuck, Marcus, you certainly know how to keep a guy waiting,”
“You love it,” Marcus replied, before stepping around me with a smile on his face and pushing me slowly back to his desk.
I allowed him inch me back towards his desk and, as my knees hit his leather seat, I lowered myself down.
“I bet that lot out there think I'm going to get the boot,” I smirked, looking up at him, as he bent his head as close to mine as he could without touching me.
“They probably do but I didn't get you in here to talk about that lot, did I?”
“So what did you get me in here for then?”
As I spoke I reached forward and placed my hand on the back of his neck.
“You, that's what,” Marcus replied, lowering his head and placing his lips forcefully against mine.
For a few seconds our lips just lingered against each others but the aroma of his aftershave, which I had brought him for his birthday, had the effect on me it always did and I was quickly forcing my tongue passed his lips. As we kissed passionately I felt Marcus' hand grasp the, rapidly swelling, bulge in my trousers and begin to massage me roughly.
Releasing the back of his neck, our lips still joined together, I fumbled for the waistband of his trousers and quickly undid the button and slid the zipper down. Without looking I eased his trousers and boxers down, just enough to release his thick, hard, cock, wrapped my hand around him and began to slowly stroke his shaft.
“Fuck that feels so fucking good,” Marcus gasped as I moved my hand slowly along his full length.
For a few seconds I continued to stroke him before I took my lips away from his, and looked up at him.
“I bet this will feel better.”
Before Marcus had a chance to respond I lowered my head, eased his shirt up a little and, holding the base of his shaft, opened my mouth and took his full length to the back of my throat. I began to bob my head up and down, massaging his balls gently as I did, slowly building up to the rhythm I knew drove him wild.
As Marcus gripped his shirt I reached behind him and started to run my finger up and down the crack of his muscular ass as I continued to suck him greedily. I desperately wanted him to explode in my mouth, to drink his seed and as I sucked even faster I eased my middle finger between his cheeks and began circling his tight hole.
“Fuck please, Damon, do it to me, make me cum,” Marcus managed to gasp, as my finger continued to tease him.
I knew he wasn't going to last much longer and, gripping the base of his shaft tightly, I slowly did as he wanted. Sliding my finger deep inside him I quickly found his g-spot and began to run my finger back and forth over it as I sucked his cock as hard and as fast as I could, without hurting him.
“Don't you dare fucking stop now,” Marcus moaned and as his balls tightened in my hand and his body began to tremble I knew he was about to cum, and braced myself.
Stroking his shaft, as I sucked him, I felt his cock suddenly twitch in my mouth, the first thick stream of his seed hitting the back of my throat forcefully. Swallowing as fast as I could I continued sucking, until he was completely drained, before slowly taking my mouth from his shaft and relaxing back in to his chair.
“Guess I ought to get back to work now,” I whispered breathlessly, taking a tissue from his desk and making sure there was no evidence of what we had been doing on my lips.
“I suppose you're right,” Marcus moaned before bending down and kissing me on the lips. “One more thing before you go though.”
“What's that?” I asked, surprisingly nervous at the thought of what he was going to say.
“I've got a work seminar this weekend and I want you there with me.” Marcus said, as he straightened his clothes and unlocked the door. “Oh and one more thing, we leave tonight. I'll pick you up at seven.”


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