Saturday, 10 August 2013

Saturday AfterDark Moment: The things I'll do for love (Part One)

This is the first part of something I began last night, for a quick short, that has started to run away with me. If you like what you read so far let me know and I will continue to post little snippets as I get more written.

The things I'll do for love

I'd been seeing Debbie for eighteen months and in that time we had done everything possible together in the bedroom, everything that is except for one thing. Although we'd talked about it, watched adult movies featuring it and spent hours looking at pictures of it we had never had anal sex, because she told me she was too scared to try even though she told me she would love to.
The real reason for her being scared though finally came out one night, whilst we were watching yet another anal porn movie. It was, she told me, because an ex forced her to do it once, telling her she would if she loved him only the experience had hurt her so much she finished with him that night and vowed never to let another man stick his cock in her ass, no matter how much she loved him.
However I had come up with a plan, which I hoped would make her feel a lot more at ease with receiving, a plan which meant that I would also have to bite the bullet and do something I had promised myself I would never let anyone do.
I first brought up the idea whilst we were watching, yet another, adult movie and saw one of the women in the film walk into the bedroom, wearing nothing but a strap-on, as a guy lay back on the bed totally naked, his legs spread and lifted off the bed. For the next twenty minutes neither Debbie or I said a word as we watched the woman slowly push the toy into the man's ass, stroking his cock slowly as she did, until she was buried as deep into him as she could get.
By the time the film finished, the man had come forcefully all over his own body and the woman had eased the toy from his ass, I was harder than I had ever been and judging by the sweet smell that had started to emanate around the room it was a fair to say that Debbie was as turned on as I was.
Turning to face her I had been unsure what to say yet I needn't have worried, it was Debbie that had spoken first.
Fuck that was hot, babe”
Bet you'd like to try that someday.”
Would you really let me? I would let you if you did.”
Don't be daft, Deb, I would never expect you to let me after what you told me about your ex.”
Please, baby, you know I really want to let you, we've talked about it enough, I'm just scared. However if you let me fuck you first, are gentle when you're fucking me and you stop if I ask you to, I do want to.”
Tell you what let's turn everything off, go to bed and sleep on it. See how you feel in the morning.”
I'm all for going to bed but I'm not ready to sleep not after watching that.”
As she spoke Debbie flicked the TV off, took my hand and led me up to our bedroom before stripping off, laying down on the bed naked and begin stroking her shaved pussy.
We'll sleep in a bit. Now though I need you to fuck me like you have never fucked me before.”
Hurriedly I tore my clothes off, joined her on the bed and, for the next few hours, we made love; hard the first time but slowly and passionately after that, until we were both too exhausted to continue any more.
Now we can go to sleep,” Debbie gasped breathlessly, rolling off me, laying by my side and placing her arm across my muscular chest.



Pablo Michaels said...

Yes I want to read a continuation. The words you wrote flowed rapidly. The suspense is in anticipation of when they try anal sex and how they'll feel, satisfied or hurt.

The AfterDark World with Ray Sostre said...

Wow, what a nice, intense scene. Great piece that had me intrigued to read your next segment, and welcome back Julez.