Saturday, 17 August 2013

Saturday After Dark Moment: The things I'll do for love (Part 2)

Continuing from last week

The things I'll do for love (Part 2)

By the time I woke the next morning Debbie was already dressed, and just finishing applying her make-up.
Come on, sleepyhead, we've got shopping to do,” she said with a smile, as she saw me sit up in her mirror.
What time is it?”
Ten. Now come on, get up and get dressed.”
What's the rush?” I asked swinging my legs off the bed and standing up.
The rush is I haven't changed my mind. In fact I want what we spoke about even more now than I did last night.”
Walking in to our en-suite bathroom I showered quickly and wandered back into the bedroom, where Debbie had already got me fresh boxers, socks, jeans and a t-shirt out and laid them out on the bed.
As I dressed Debbie continued to watch me in her mirror and I could see, from the way she looked at me, that she was serious about what she wanted. Eventually I was dressed and, following her downstairs, I grabbed my wallet, mobile phone and keys from the hallway table, opened the front door and followed her outside.
The day was clear so we decided to walk, instead of taking the car. Slipping my fingers into hers we began the walk towards town, holding hands like a couple of lovestruck teenagers, eventually arriving at the shop we wanted thirty minutes later.
As we stood outside staring at the blacked-out window, the only indication of what type of shop it was the warning on the door, we looked at each other.
Are you sure you really want to do this?” I asked putting my arm around her waist, pulling her close and kissing her lightly on the lips.
I'm sure. Now come on, let's just get inside, before anyone we know sees us,” Debbie replied, taking my hand and pushing the door open.
Stepping inside I was stunned at how bright it was. I don't know why, stereotype I suppose but I was expecting a dark, dingy, slightly seedy place with a scruffy older male behind the counter. Instead, to my total shock, we were greeted by a cheerful hi from two twenty-something year old women, both wearing skin-tight black leather trousers and tight black t-shirts, with the shop logo emblazoned in the center.
Would you like some help?” One of the women, a blonde, asked as the two of us made our way nervously passed shelf after shelf of toys of all different, sizes, shapes and colors.
N-N-No, thank you,” I stammered quietly.
I'm guessing it's your first time in a shop like this,” the other woman, this one brunette, said.
It is, yes,” Debbie chipped in, surprisingly cheerfully, her eyes sparkling as she scanned the shelves, looking for what we wanted.
Well if you need anything don't be afraid to call out, we won't bite.”
Debbie smiled at the woman's response, before suddenly gripping my hand and dragging me towards the far corner of the shop.
Here we go, just what we are looking for.”
I stared at the shelves and swallowed hard, there were that many strap on devices, of varying different lengths, thicknesses and colors and felt my ass tighten in fear at the thought of Debbie easing one into me.
Fuck me. Who the fuck would be able to take this?” Debbie suddenly bellowed out, causing the two women behind the counter to look in our direction, as she picked up a large black toy at least twelve inches long and as thick as my firearm.
Put that down, Deb, there's no way we're having that one.”
Oh, spoilsport,” Debbie giggled, placing the toy back on the shelf, before picking up another.
This time she chose a flesh colored one, roughly the same size and thickness as my cock but still I wondered how the fuck she was supposed to get it inside me, without me screaming in agony. Still a promise was a promise and, if wanted her to let me fuck her ass, I was going to have to let her do me first.
Okay that one will do, but you better stock up on lubrication as well,” I told her. “There's no way your fucking me without plenty of that.”
Taking the toy, as well as a harness to attach it to, we made our way back to the counter picking up three bottlers of lube, an anal douche, for hygiene reasons and a twelve-pack of condoms.
Placing everything on the counter I saw the blonde look at me, before turning her attention to Debbie, a knowing smile forming on her lips.
Is that everything?” The blonde asked scanning each item and dropping them into a plain white carrier bag.
No, that's it, thanks,” Debbie replied as I fumbled in my back pocket for my wallet.
That will be £85.94 please.”
Taking out my credit card I handed it across and waited, until the woman had taken the payment, then took it back and slipped it back in to my wallet.
Thank you,” I mumbled, before taking Debbie's hand and turning towards the door.
Hope to see you both again soon.”


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The AfterDark World with Ray Sostre said...

I kind of picked up the sarcasm in the end. The cashier would love to see his response afterwards, lol. Julez, this is a nice piece. I hope to see another continuation, if possible, on next week's segment. Great post!