Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Day Two of GLBT Month in The Crypt : Star Search

 I am back with the second of five posts this week celebrating GLBT MONTH 2013 and today I have one copy of Star search, my first ever release, to be won and all you have to do to win is leave a comment.

Star Search by J. S. Morbius


Joe is a gay man who prefers to date Transsexuals. He begins a journey to find the one he just knows he could love - the one woman who has captured his desires in only one night. 

Do you believe in love at first sight? Joe does, and he is determined to find her against all odds. 

Explore this suspenseful, dangerous and unusual adventure with Joe as he travels to find love with the third sex...

Chapter One

I had received yet another party invite from a work colleague. Normally I threw them straight in the bin and didn’t go, but this was from the manager and I knew this was one I really should attend. I had worked for the same company for the last ten years and had never been promoted, always being overlooked in favor of a colleague with family for some reason, and that was something that I would never have. Although I classed myself as gay, I only dated transsexuals and I had never found one that wanted to settle down.
Looking at the invite again it clearly stated it was for a partner and me. Everyone at work knew that I was gay and single, they just didn’t know about my preferred choice of partner. Normally I would just go out at night to the gay clubs, find myself someone and take them home but then I would never see them again. Finding one to act as my date, in the timeframe I had, was going to be nearly impossible.
I phoned around a few of my friends to see if any of them had any ideas. It was my best friend Angel who came up with the perfect solution. Angel was a lesbian, and the closest thing I had to a sister. At first she offered to come and pretend that she was with me but once I explained that work knew about my sexuality, just not the fact that I preferred transsexuals, we both agreed that her coming wasn’t viable. She then told me to look up transsexual escort agencies on the Internet, explain my dilemma, and see if they could help. Thanking her I hung up the phone and started up my laptop.
Finding a list of transsexual escorts, I quickly started to delete the ones that were too far away, leaving just three to choose from. The first two left me feeling cold, looking both sleazy and cheap, so when it came to the third I didn’t expect much better. On opening it though I was pleasantly surprised, the site was professionally designed, it was friendly, open and the transsexuals were all beautifully dressed and extremely attractive.
Looking through the list, for one available on the night I needed, I narrowed the list to four. All of them were gorgeous but my eyes kept being drawn to one in particular. She was twenty-seven years old, five feet eight inches tall, had long black hair with feint red streaks and went by the name, Star. I understood that it wouldn’t be her real name but out of all the women on the site, it definitely suited her, after all she was the one that had stood out for me.
I phoned the agency straight away and told them everything that they wanted to know, paid the minimum two hour escort fee of three hundred pounds and was informed that Star would meet me at the venue fifteen minutes before the party started. Happy with the arrangements I hung up the phone and went back to her profile. She was slightly tanned, half Italian and half English, her profile also told me about her likes, dislikes, what she would and wouldn’t do and finally there was a list of her charges, which ranged from the three hundred I had already paid right up to one thousand pounds for the whole night.
Looking at the clock I saw that it was only nine-thirty PM and decided to phone Angel back.
Hello, who is it?” Angel said when she answered the phone.
Hi Angel it’s me,” I told her. “I did what you suggested and phoned an agency.”
Oh hi Joe. How did it go?”
Actually, it went really well,” I said. “I’ve got a date for this damn party.”
That’s great what’s she like?”
I told Angel what it had said on her profile and the name of the agency, knowing she wouldn’t be able to resist checking her out, before saying bye and hanging up. As I put the receiver down I knew Angel would ring back within the next twenty minutes, so I went and made myself a coffee, sat down and put the TV on. Skimming through the channels I found a few of the American crime dramas that I liked so much on, one after the other and settled down to watch them.
I was wrong about the twenty minutes it would take for Angel to ring me back, she rang me in ten.
Hi Joe, it’s me,” she said down the phone excitedly.
Hi Angel what’s up?” I asked.
Put it this way if I liked cock I would definitely have picked her for the night,” she said. “She is fucking gorgeous.”
Yeah I know but the others were as well,” I said.
I know but she is like WOW!!”
So you think the night will be okay?” I asked. “I’ve never used an agency before.”
The night will be perfect if you just be yourself Joe,” she told me. “Have a great one and let me know all about it.”
Then she was gone and all I could hear was the dial tone. At least I had chosen the right one, Angel would have said something if she thought I hadn’t, just like a big sister should. I finished my coffee and watched another two episodes of C.S.I. and then decided to head off to bed. During the night I dreamt about the party, and everyone’s reaction to Star, and woke late the next morning, my cock hard as rock.
My thoughts went to the night of the party, and Star, as I began to stroke my cock slowly. With no idea what her body would look like naked I pictured her with pert but obviously fake 36c tits, a smooth, slim, slightly tanned body, two or three discreet tattoos and an eight-inch cock, when it was fully erect. My hand started to move faster at the image I had portrayed and I was soon cumming, jet after jet of white, milky liquid splashing against my chest.
Glancing at the clock I saw that it was eight-thirty, I was due at work by nine. Jumping out of bed I made my way to the shower. Once finished and dressed I headed out of the front door, stopping only to pick up the invite to give my R.S.V.P.
Everyone was surprised when I strode in and took the reply to the invitation straight to the manager. They asked me questions all day about whether I had found someone, if this was the one and I was at last going to settle down. Other than that, the day drifted by slowly at work and by the end of the day I was glad there was only one more until the party.
We were all about to leave when the manager came out of his office and asked us to wait for a few minutes. Wondering what was going on everyone sat back at his or her workstations and waited. Eventually the manager came back out and called us all over to him.
As everyone knows it is my party the day after tomorrow,” he began, “and I have decided that, to give everyone enough time to get ready, you can all have tomorrow off on full pay.”
As soon as he had finished everyone, including me, started to cheer. We all individually thanked him as we filed out and I began to look forward to the next day. I decided that a new suit or something would be in order as I wanted to make a good impression on him, in case there was another promotion coming up, and also on Star.
Once I arrived back at home I logged the laptop on and went and made myself a microwave meal, as a single man I didn’t really bother to cook properly, and a mug of coffee.
Once my evening meal, if that’s what it could be called, was ready I went and sat in front of my laptop. I loaded up the agency site and looked through Star’s profile yet again, checking to see if I had missed anything that I really ought to know. There was nothing worse than going on a date and having nothing to talk about.
After finishing my meal and tidying up I settled down to watch some TV, but my mind was more focused on the next couple of days. Deciding that going to bed early was the best option I turned the TV off and locked my flat up. I picked the laptop up and headed to my bedroom, got undressed and climbed into bed.
I messed about on the laptop for a while and the next thing I knew it was morning with the sun beaming through my curtains. Sitting up I reached for my cigarettes, lit one, and lay back, watching the smoke rise to the ceiling before dispersing. Once I had finished my smoke I got out of bed, showered, dressed and headed out of the door and into town. I spent hours walking around the various shops, spending well over five hundred pounds, before heading back home.
Throwing my purchases on the bed I unpacked them all and went through them to decide what I would wear to the party, settling on leather trousers and a black sleeveless top. Looking at the rest of the clothes I had bought I chose another shirt and a pair of trousers, and decided that I would head out for a drink, to see if anybody I knew was out. After visiting a few of the pubs in town I eventually ran into Angel and a couple of her friends.
Hi Joe, what are you doing out?” Angel asked. “I thought tomorrow was your big night.”
It is but I was bored at home,” I replied. “And anyway I needed to give these new clothes a try.”
When did you get them? They really suit you.”
I bought them today along with something for tomorrow and a few other bits and pieces.”
What are you wearing tomorrow then?” Angel asked. “These would have been great for a party.”
Tight black leather trousers and a sleeveless black top,” I replied.
You will look fucking gorgeous in those,” Angel said. “And if I wasn’t a lesbian, and saw you out in them, I would desperately try to get you out of them.”
Her two friends sniggered when she said that and she turned to them.
What do you two think?” She asked them. “I’m sorry Joe, maybe I should introduce you first. The blonde is Sara and the brunette is Beth.”
You’re right about him being gorgeous,” the one introduced as Sara said.
What about you Beth?”
Yeah, he’s hot, but I still prefer Sara,” Beth laughed.
The four of us spent the next three hours drinking, dancing and just having a good time, when I decided I’d had enough and wanted to head home.
Okay Joe, have a good night tomorrow.” Angel said. “And don’t forget I want to hear all the juicy details.”
Yeah, you know I will let you know,” I said. “Bye for now.”
The three of them said bye back and I headed back home, collapsing on my bed as soon as I got in and locked up. It was three in the morning when I woke, still dressed, and I quickly stripped off and got back under the duvet. The bed was nice and warm, from me lying on top of it, and I soon drifted back off to sleep.
The next time I woke up it was twelve noon; eight hours before the party was due to start. There wasn’t anything I needed to do except get ready and as that wasn’t going to take that long I switched the small TV in the bedroom on, watched a couple of films and smoked too much. Once the second film had finished, it was nearly four; I decided to have a long soak in the bath.
While I waited for the bath to fill, I got the clothes I was going to wear to the party out and laid them tidily on the bed, making sure I was still happy with them. Walking into the bathroom, I climbed into the bath, letting the water cover my body as I stretched out and laid my head on the edge. Closing my eyes, I started to wonder how the party would unfold. How shocked would they be when I turned up with Star, everyone knew I was gay but they didn’t need to know everything. It had been hard enough letting them know I was gay in the first place, something that I hadn’t even told my parents.
By the time I got out of the bath, dried myself and begun to get ready, it was close to six o’clock, still two hours to go. Standing in front of the mirror I was shocked at how I looked. Being just over six feet tall and quite muscular, the clothes I had picked fit me like a glove. The trousers showed the definition of my leg muscles and the bulge of my cock but weren’t overly tight; and the sleeveless top went with the trousers perfectly.
At half past six I locked up the house and, as it was a warm night, started the walk to meet Star before the party. I arrived at the meeting place an hour later, realized that I was a little early and lit up a cigarette. As I waited I started to feel nervous about meeting her for some reason and nearly changed my mind and left.
Star arrived just as I finished my second cigarette. As soon as I saw her I was totally blown away and glad that I hadn’t chickened out. She looked absolutely stunning. She was wearing a knee length black pencil skirt, high heel shoes and a red blouse that showed the curve of her breasts perfectly. Once we had introduced ourselves to each other I led her inside the party venue.
Would you like a drink?” I asked her.
Vodka and coke please.” Star replied.
I ordered the drinks and as she walked towards an empty table I couldn’t help but stare at her tight ass, moving from side to side, underneath her skirt. We sat down and Star asked me all sorts of questions about my manager and the people I worked with. She told me she always did this as she liked to have some sort of idea about the people that she had never met, so she didn’t look to out of place. Once I had told her all she needed to know, my manager walked through the door and headed towards the back room, where the party was being held.
Star and I finished our drinks and, five minutes later, followed my manager through to the party. As we walked in I saw that most of my work colleagues were already there and having a good time. The music was loud, the big table at the end of the room was full of food and the bar was staffed by a couple of twenty-something year old girls.
Most of my work colleagues were sitting around the room, with their partners, and I thought that seemed like a good idea, but Star dragged me straight onto the dance floor. She was a fantastic dancer and I was soon shattered, yet she seemed that she could go on for hours. Telling her to slow down, as the night was still young, she took me over to the bar and I got us some more drinks. We stood and watched some of my colleagues dancing for a while, when Star turned to face me.
I know it’s your boss’s party,” she started, “But how about you take me to a club and then back to yours.”
I’d love to take you to a club,” I replied, “But I best say bye to my boss first.”
Okay come on then,” she said linking her arm through mine.
Hello boss,” I said as we finally reached him through the crowd.
Hello Joe, thank you for coming,” he said. “And who is this pretty thing with you?”
This is Star,” I said.
Hello,” Star said.
Thank you for coming as well Star.”
I’ve had a really good time,” she said.
We both have,” I added. “But I’m afraid it’s time for us to go now.”
I understand Joe,” he said winking at me. “You two go and enjoy the rest of the night.”
Oh I’m sure we will,” Star said winking back at him.
We then left the party, her arm in mine, and she took me to a nightclub that I had never been to, and we danced and drank for a couple more hours.
Come on Joe, take me back to yours,” she eventually said pulling me off the dance floor.
We walked out of the club, hailed a taxi and twenty minutes later I was unlocking my flat. As soon as we were through the door our lips locked in a passionate embrace, and began to tear each other’s clothes off. I knew the night had gone well but I wasn’t quite expecting this sort of reaction, even though I knew she was an escort and to her the longer she was with me the more she would earn, but I wanted her so badly that I wasn’t about to argue.
She had my top off and my trousers and boxers around my ankles in seconds and then wrapping her slender fingers around my, already hard, cock, she slowly started to stroke me as we continued to kiss passionately, and I desperately struggled to contain myself and get her blouse undone. Eventually I managed it, dropped it to the floor and, very quickly, her bra joined it. Her tits were absolutely perfect. Neither too small nor too large, and felt a lot more realistic than I expected them to. I bent my head and started to flick my tongue over her nipples, before licking and sucking them urgently.
Where’s the front room,” Star gasped into my ear.
Lifting my head from her tits I nodded at the open door and she let go of my cock, took my hand and led me into it.
Sit down Joe,” Star said dropping to her knees.
I did as she asked and she quickly removed my shoes, socks, trousers and boxers before throwing them onto the armchair. She took my cock in her hand again and began to stroke it before lowering her head and flicking her tongue over the swollen head of it, licking the small amount of pre-cum from the end, before opening her mouth wide and taking the full length of me into her mouth. Her warm, moist lips felt really good as she slowly bobbed her head up and down, occasionally stopping to run her tongue along the length of my shaft.
Star began to massage my balls as she continued to suck my cock, before letting her hand travel down between my legs. Shifting slightly I opened them for her and she ran her middle finger over the tight opening off my ass. I relaxed as much as I could and, after wetting her finger, Star stroked my hole again before slowly sliding her finger into me. With her finger fucking my ass slowly and her mouth wrapped around my cock I soon felt the first tightening of my balls.
Mmm, Star I’m going to cum,” I gasped and she started to suck and finger-fuck me even faster.
Unable to hold back any longer I began to cum in her mouth. Star swallowed greedily, determined to swallow every drop, and eventually I was completely drained. She climbed up and joined me on the sofa and began kissing me passionately again, the taste of cum in her mouth turning me on even more. I quickly undid the zip on the side of her skirt and eased it to the floor, seeing her cock through her tight lace panties for the first time.
Star’s cock was longer and thicker than mine and I ran my hand run over it through her panties, before slipping them off her and releasing it. Seeing it point upwards, fully erect, I felt a twitch from my own cock and wrapped my hand around her. It was thicker than I realized and I was unable to join my fingers around it as I started to slowly stroke her. She let her head fall back and moaned softly as my hand moved up and down her cock and began to massage her tits.
After stroking her for a few minutes, I lowered my head, ran my tongue along her shaft and swollen head, before opening my mouth wide and taking her full length. The length and thickness filled my mouth like it had never been filled before and, in my eagerness; I almost choked as she hit the back of my throat. Greedily I began sucking her quickly, wanting to taste her cum, as she had tasted mine.  I was desperate to feel this monster inside my ass.
Star continued to use one hand to massage her tits while she gripped my hair with the other one and started lifting my head in time with my sucking.
Mmm, that’s so good,” she gasped breathlessly, “I won’t be long.”
As soon as she said that I sucked her even faster, and felt her balls tighten under my hand. I massaged her balls roughly while continuing to suck, Star’s breathing coming faster and faster. Suddenly Star held my head even tighter, to stop my sucking, and held me in place. I felt her cock twitch and the first jet of her slightly salty, thick, milky, white liquid erupted from the end of her cock with the force of a long dormant volcano, and hit the back of my throat. Almost choking at the force she came with, I eagerly swallowed every drop that squirted into my mouth before licking the swollen head and shaft, making sure that I hadn’t missed a drop.
Letting her empty cock fall from my mouth I turned her onto her front. Holding her ass cheeks apart I lowered my face to her tight ass and began to flick my tongue over and around the outside, getting her nice and wet for my, once again, fully hard cock. Star ground her ass back against my tongue as I probed at her tightness, before I lifted a hand and slowly ran my finger across her opening. Slowly I eased a finger inside, causing her to let out a loud gasp, and began to move it around searching for her g-spot.
Quickly finding it I began to rub the end of my finger over it as Star’s body began to tremble. I slid a second finger in, easily, moving them back and forth, finger-fucking her ass. She moaned and gasped the faster I got, until she couldn’t wait any longer.
Fuck me Joe,” she gasped, “Fill my ass with your hard cock.”
Not needing to be asked twice, and desperate to feel the tightness of her ass around my cock, I pulled her legs gently off the sofa so she was kneeling on the floor. Parting her legs with my knees I eased in between them, gripped my cock, and started to nudge the engorged purple head of my hard cock against her tight opening. She relaxed her ass as much as she could, to help with my penetration, and after a couple of attempts my cock slid into her ass slowly. Star gasped loudly as my cock head entered her, and I felt her ass tighten around me, as I continued to ease my whole length into her.
Inch by inch I slowly entered her until my balls slapped against her ass, and my cock was fully embedded inside her. Star pushed her ass back, to make sure I couldn’t get any further in her, and I began to slowly thrust back and forth inside her. She gasped every time my cock went fully in and she reached down, between her legs, and began to wank her cock in time with my thrusts.
Harder,” she gasped, “Harder and faster.”
Thrusting faster and harder with Star moaning and breathing heavily underneath me, I soon felt my balls tighten again. Increasing the speed of my movement, I soon felt my balls tighten again; urged on by her continued moans and heavier breathing.
I’m going to cum again,” I gasped, sweat forming on my forehead and running down my face.
Yes, Yes fill me with your cum,” she gasped and pushed her ass back, hard, onto my cock.
Star pushed back as I thrust myself forward, my cock exploding into her ass. With each twitch I deposited more and more cum into her as she gasped, moaned and begged for even more. I continued to thrust hard into her until I had no more to give, reaching behind her head she touched my face as my cock began to soften inside of her ass. Star moved forward, letting it fall from her, a little of my cum dribbled out as she did so. She turned to face me and wiper her fingers across my sweat covered forehead before passionately kissing me hard, her tongue darting into my mouth as she did.
 “Lay on your back for me Joe,” She whispered as she pulled away and I did as she asked.
She lowered her head towards my limp cock but, after running her tongue along it, she passed it and began to probe at my ass, just I had hers. Slipping a couple of fingers into me, she caused me to gasp this time, and fucked me for a few minutes before she put her hands under my legs and lifted them onto her shoulders. Gently she guided her large, erect, cock towards my ass and I gripped my cheeks and pulled them as far apart as I could for her.
Her cock was bigger than anything I had ever had inside my tight little ass before and I let out a small yelp as her swollen head broke through, and into me. Pushing her cock further and further into me I gasped at the size and hardness of it and then she began to fuck me slowly.
As she fucked me she wrapped her fingers around my cock and started to fondle me, my cock slowly hardening yet again. With each thrust, my ass tightened around her whole shaft and she soon got into a slow but steady rhythm. As her hand stroked my cock and her cock fucked me I reached forward and began to massage her tits and nipples roughly.
Fuck, your ass is so tight,” she moaned as her thrusts became quicker. “Just like a virgin ass being fucked for the first time.”
Your cock feels so good,” I gasped back at her. “Fuck me harder.”
As she started to really ram her cock into me I moaned, screamed and writhed on my back, bucking my ass against her and I felt her cock twitch and unload her first deposit of cum into me.
That feels so good,” I moaned as she continued to shoot cum deep inside me.
Very quickly my ass was full and with a couple more quick jerks to my cock I came again. This time I didn’t have much but it looked thicker and whiter than ever as it pumped out of me, and down over her fingers and my shaft. Star raised her hand to her mouth and licked it clean of cum, before pulling her cock out of me, and lying down on my chest. Her tits pressed against me while our quickly softening cocks lay side by side.
Lifting her head, Star looked into my face.
Would you like me to stay the whole night Joe?” She asked seductively.
Just the tone of her voice made it impossible for me to resist.
I would love you to,” I answered her.
Then are you going to lead me to your bedroom,” she said as she stood up.
I stayed on my back for a minute and looked up at her, her large, soft cock hanging down temptingly between her legs. I reached forward to touch it but she took a step back.
Are you coming then?” She asked.
Letting my hand fall I got up off the carpet, took her hand, and led her up the stairs. As we entered my room I looked around and was glad that I kept it tidy. Star saw my neatly made bed and dragged me over to it, sat down, and pulled me down on top of her. We kissed and stroked each other’s cocks, back to full hardness, before getting under the duvet and making love, not fucking, once more before we both fell asleep.
I woke a couple of hours later and looked at her. Even asleep she was stunningly beautiful and I decided, there and then, that I would definitely hire her again the following weekend. Easing my body slowly out of bed, so I didn’t disturb her, I went to the toilet, came back and picked my trousers up. Taking my wallet from the back pocket I worked out that if she left by eight I would have had her to myself for twelve hours. I counted out one thousand ponds in fifty-pound notes, her going rate for the night and put it on the bedside table next to her. I looked at her again before adding an extra two hundred to the pile of money I had just put down. Once I had her money sorted, I climbed back into bed next to her and moved as close to her as I could without waking her, my cock resting against the crack of her ass and my arm around her waist, and quickly drifted back to sleep.
When I next woke the sun was beaming into my room and I was alone, Star wasn’t next to me. Sitting up quickly I got out of bed and went and listened at the bathroom door, but it was silent. Heading back to my empty bed I sat back down and then noticed the pile of money that I had left for her still there. I leant over and saw that on top of the money was an envelope with my name on it, and I opened it quickly. I took the note from inside and looked at it.
Sorry I left without saying goodbye. Last night you made me realize that there was more to life than escorting, something no other client has ever managed to do. I had the best night ever. You were so gentle and passionate, not like any other client and, due to the enjoyment that I had, both at the party and here with you, I felt guilty taking the money you had left for me. It wasn’t like a job to me it felt like it had been a proper date. I just hope that, one day, you find the happiness and woman that you truly deserve. I will never forget you or this night
Star xx
As I read the note over and over again I knew that I would never forget the night we had either, and desperately wanted to repeat it again as soon as possible.
I jumped off the bed and hurried, naked, into my front room, switched the laptop on and logged into the escort agency site. Desperately scrolling down to find Star I didn’t see her name anywhere, thinking I had scrolled too quickly, I went back up the page one woman at a time but still I couldn’t see her. No matter how many times I scrolled through the list her face was nowhere to be seen. Concerned why, I grabbed the phone and dialed the agency number. I waited, with baited breath, for it to be answered.
Good morning Transsexual Escorts, how may I help you?” came the voice from the other end.
Yes good morning,” I answered. “I hope you can help me.”
I’m sure we will be able to.” The woman said. “Who and when would you like to hire?”
No I don’t want to hire anyone,” I said. “I did that last night.”
So are you ringing because you weren’t happy or to offer thanks to a wonderful night.”
The night was better than wonderful,” I told her, “and I want to hire the same woman again tonight.”
Of course sir, can you tell me her name and I will see if she is available.”
Yes it was Star.”
I’m sorry sir she no longer works for us.” The woman told me. “Is there anyone else?”
But I hired her last night,” I protested. “She must still work for you.”
I’m afraid not sir, she rang me personally this morning, about twenty minutes ago, and said she would no longer be available for escorting.”
But last night was perfect why would she say that?”
I couldn’t tell you sir,” the woman said. “Now is there any of our other girls that you would like instead?”
No I wanted Star... no one else,” I said. “Can you tell me how to get hold of her?”
I’m afraid I can’t give our girls personal information out sir.”
Aha you just said she was no longer one of your girls.”
True but I am still unable to give you her number.”
Why if she no longer works for you?”
Because I tried to call her back to get her to change her mind,” The woman said. “And was told that her number was no longer in use.”
Unsure what to say I stared at the handset, mumbled goodbye, and dropped it onto the sofa. I couldn’t believe that after the night we had shared, Star had just vanished out of my life with one phone call. I tried to think if I had upset her in anyway and re-read the letter again but, no matter how many times I read it, I just couldn’t understand why she wanted to just disappear and was determined to find her, whatever it took.


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I already have this book, so I'm commenting just to say that I loved it! :)