Sunday, 10 March 2013

Sinful Sunday Short: Punished by Mistress...and her friend

Forgive me for I have sinned once again. 

Punished by Mistress...and her friend

Slowly my eyes began to open, the sound of her voice rousing me from my dream and through the blurred haze of tired eyes the first thing I noticed was my Mistress standing above me wearing a thick purple strap-on, which was just inches from my mouth.
“There's someone I want you to meet,” Mistress barked as a smile formed on her lips.
Reaching down she gripped my hair in her fist and turned my head to the side where I saw another woman, dressed in a black corset and with a thick black strap-on protruding from between her thighs, her fingers wrapped around it's shaft, stroking it and looking serious.
“This is Miranda but of course you know that because you have been fantasizing about her, masturbating to images of her fucking her slaves, whilst using my computer without my permission.” My Mistress stated as her smile slowly began being replaced by something else, something that told me I was going to be punished severely. “So I thought, as you seem to like her so much, she should join us. Isn't that a wonderful idea?”
Unsure how to respond, Mistress had never brought another into our room before, I kept my mouth closed.
“Have you forgotten how to behave in front of your Mistress?” Miranda suddenly shouted, as she stepped even closer to the bed. “Because when I ask a question of my slaves I expect an immediate answer.”
Opening my mouth slightly, still unsure how to respond, my mistress suddenly pushed her thick toy between my lips, filling my mouth instantly. As soon as she had Miranda disappeared out of my line of sight, quickly reappearing on the bed between my legs.
“Your Mistress was kind enough to tell me just what you had been up to and, together, we decided on your most fitting punishment.”
With Mistress' fake cock fucking my mouth I had no chance to object, not that doing so would have done me any good and Miranda suddenly scooped my legs up and rested them on her shoulders before inching forward.
As soon as Miranda's fake cock hit my tight hole I could feel that she had already lubricated it, in preparation and as she forcefully pushed against me I quickly felt my hole open and the thick head of her strap-on enter me.
My Mistress continued to fuck my mouth, her thrusts getting faster in time with Miranda's and even though the pain coursing through my body was almost unbearable I eagerly sucked Mistress while her friend, my fantasy, continued to pound my ass until I felt my whole body start to tremble.
Sensing that I was about to come Miranda suddenly pulled out of my ass, my Mistress stopping her thrusts at the same time and I saw the two of them look at each other briefly before they swapped places.
Parting my thighs for my Mistress I was surprised when, between them, she and Miranda flipped me onto my stomach. Gripping my hips Mistress lifted my ass, for easy access, as Miranda took my hair in her fist and lifted my head. I saw Miranda nod her head slightly and, almost immediately, her fake cock pushed passed my lips into my mouth as Mistress rammed her thicker, longer, strap-on deep into my ass.
After what seemed like hours, with the two of them swapping positions every time I was about to come denying me my release, the two of them removed their strap-ons for the last time, looked down at me and then back at each other before my Mistress reached forward. Thinking that she was finally going to give me the release my body craved so much I closed my eyes, only instead of her slender fingers wrapping around my shaft I felt something cold, metallic and snapped my eyes open, just in time to see Miranda attach, and lock, a small padlock to the cage that Mistress had covered my cock with.
“Maybe this will will teach you to not go around looking at things that you shouldn't in the future,” Mistress whispered as the two of them stood above me looking down, their strap-ons both inches from my mouth.
With one last smile the two of them turned away and walked out of the room, leaving me alone, my hard cock straining against the cold metal of the cage and desperate to come.


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Muffy Wilson said...

Julez............Oh, bad boy! Whatchugonnaduwhentheycum4u? You were bad and I liked it:) xo