Monday, 18 March 2013

Masturbation Monday: When the girls are away

It's time to lie back and enjoy another Masturbation Monday tale from the mind of Morbius and this week I bring you a threesome, of sorts.

When the girls are away

Sam, Nate and I had been friends for years, ever since we had met at college only friends is all we were and we all knew each other was bisexual but, as we valued our friendship, we had never done anything about it, until tonight. Besides the three of us were each in a relationship and, even though the girls had always ribbed us about how close we were, and how they would love to see us at it, as they put it.
Then, completely out of the blue, as we drank and talked about work, football and sex, just like we did every Friday night, Sam suddenly leaned over and placed his lips against mine, has hand massaging my rapidly hardening cock through my jeans. Before we had time to even question whether we were doing the right thing the three of us had finished our beers, ripped each others clothes off and were sat on the sofa, totally naked.
For a few minutes we just sat there glancing at each others bodies when Sam reached over and rested his hand at the top of my thigh. As I closed my eyes I reached down, wrapped my hand around his hard shaft and began to stroke him slowly. Placing his arm behind my head Nate kissed me just below my ear, as his hand circled my shaft and I reached down for his cock as well.
Resting my head in the crook of Nate's arm I slowly began to stroke both their cocks, Nate doing the same to me, while Sam eased his hand between my thighs. Opening my legs, to allow Sam easier access, I moaned as Nate's grip became tighter and his hand started to move up and down my shaft even faster.
As I continued to stroke each of their cocks Sam eased his fingers between my cheeks and start toying with my tight hole, With Sam pressing against my hole, trying to insert his fingers and Nate stroking my cock furiously I knew I wasn't going to be able to last too long.
Desperate to cum I relaxed as much as possible, allowing Sam to finally penetrate me, as my balls tightened and my legs began to shake violently. About to explode, thanks to Sams finger lightly rubbing over my prostate and Nate furiously stroking my shaft, I gripped each of their cocks as tight as I could and stroked them as fast as possible.
Bucking my hips and fucking Nate's hand, as he continued stroking me, I was surprised when Sam suddenly groaned loudly. Opening my eyes I watched as stream after stream of Sam's thick, milky, liquid erupted from the end of his cock and splashed down onto his stomach.
Turning my head, to look at Nate, I smiled as I felt my cock twitch in his hand. Smiling back Nate gripped me tightly, slowed his hand and, as I began to cum, I felt his cock tighten in my hand as his seed started spilling out over the back of my hand.
Once we were all completely drained and had no more to give the three of us let our heads fall back on the sofa, my fingers still wrapped around their cocks, Nate still holding and slowly stroking mine and Sam's fingers still buried deep inside me, still massaging my prostate when I eventually lifted my head.
“I think we ought to take this to the bedroom,” I whispered softly. “After all we can't just leave it there.”


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Muffy Wilson said...

Oh so sexy and oh so splendid. Imagining the three men as I read your story made ME hot, Julez!!:) xo