Thursday, 21 February 2013

Thursday Thrills: No-one can say I didn't try

Here is my Thursday Thrill but first I just want to say


No-one can say I didn't try

Surveying the room I smiled to myself, everything was absolutely perfect. The fire was lit and roaring, the candles were alight and flickering in the small breeze from the open windows, the wine was chilling in the ice bucket and the smell coming from the kitchen was making my mouth water.
Mind you it should be the amount it had cost to get the owners to turn every other customer away and let me hire the whole restaurant, now all I had to do was hope she had read all my messages and actually turned up. Glancing at my watch I saw that it was almost eight, another thirty-five minutes and, hopefully, she would arrive.
It had taken a lot of detective work to find out which city she lived in. I had sent messages pinging all over the internet, to all four corners of the planet and eventually , who knew where she was, had replied.
Opening the small bottle of Scotch I had brought with me I grabbed a glass from behind the bar and poured myself a large one before walking over to the fire, grabbing one of the chairs and sitting down to wait.
As I sipped my drink I kept glancing at my watch, I couldn't help myself but I had never known time to drag by so slowly. One minute felt like one hour but finally my watch said 8:30. Any second now she will walk through the door and everything will be how it should be I thought, taking another sip of Scotch. Only she didn't walk in.
8:30 became 9 o'clock, which soon became 10, the half a bottle of Scotch soon became an empty bottle of Scotch. I had to finally admit defeat, she wasn't going to come, wherever she was she wasn't ready to come back and there was nothing I could do about it.
Slowly I walked around the room, extinguishing all the candles, before turning the room lights on and stepping into the kitchen. The chef stopped what he was doing, looked at me, saw the defeat in my face and turned the ovens off.
Thanking him for his wasted effort I took a couple of bills from my wallet, handed them to him and then walked back into the restaurant. As I looked around one last time I walked to the door, opened it and stepped out into the night. Disheartened and with my head bowed I started to walk along the street towards my hotel, not noticing the woman watching me from the dimly lit doorway on the opposite side of the road.



pablo michaels said...

We had similar interpretations from this photo. I like the waiting and the description of the restaurant. What did he do when he saw the woman watching him from across the street?

The AfterDark World with Ray Sostre said...

Wow, that was very heart-breaking for the gentleman. The hopes of meeting that special someone, only to be upstood by poor timing. Great post Julez, it was wonderful.

Dakota Trace said...

very heartbreaking. Perhaps in the future she'll find the courage to join him.


Anonymous said...

Wow! This was powerful, touching, and straight from the heart! Please write more of the story!

Angelica Dawson said...

Such a touching effort. I hope she knows how much she is loved.