Saturday, 23 February 2013

Saturday's AfterDark Moment: Great things come to those who wait

Here it is, my AfterDark moment for this week.

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Great things come to those who wait

I had been in the shower thinking about the night before, the first night I had been honest with myself and made love to Damon, when I felt his body press against mine. His thick, hard, cock nestled between the cheeks of my ass and, as he pushed my head forward against the shower wall, his hand snaked around my front.
Circling my hardness lightly in his fingers he slkowly began to stroke the full length of my shaft as he lightly kissed my back and shoulders.
“You haven';t got any regrets about what we did have you Julez?” He asked as he pressed his hardness against me even more, making me want him again right there.
“Just one,” I moaned back as his hand tightened around my shaft and his stroking became more deliberate.
Damon stopped as I said that and pulled his head from my back.
“You have?”
“Yes I regret that we waited so long to do what we did,” I replied pushing my ass back against his cock, my legs opening a little, hinting at what I wanted more than anything.
Releasing my cock Damon slipped his hand between our bodies and I felt him wrapping his hand around his own shaft. Pushing my head as far forward as he could he positioned himself between my legs and I felt the head of his swollen cock against my tight hole.
“Fuck please Damon,” I moaned as he began to push against me.
The wetness of our bodies meant that Damon's cock slipped effortlessly passed my weak defense, into my ass and as I groaned loudly he began to thrust slowly, lovingly back and forth, his hand snaking back around to my front and gripping my shaft again.
As he thrust and stroked in perfect unison I felt my body start to weaken. My legs went first, it was almost if they were made of jelly, quickly followed by my arms and I knew there was no way I was going to last much longer.
Damon sensed my need and pushed his cock deeper into me, his stroking becoming more furious and I felt my balls tightening.
“Oh yes Damon please,” I managed to gasp as I pushed my ass back onto his hardness, taking him even deeper into my body.
Clenching my ass as tightly as I could around his shaft I gasped loudly as the first stream of cum erupted from the end of my cock, splashing against the shower wall. Damon's thrusts became more urgent and, as I continued releasing my own seed, I felt him tighten his body and heard him gasp softly.
“Fuck Julez I can't hold on.”
“Then don't, give me everything you have,” I gasped pushing even further back.
With a final thrust Damon groaned loudly and, as the last drop of cum hung pathetically from the end of my cock, Damon exploded deep inside me.



Angelica Dawson said...

Smokin' hot Julez. I think I need a shower now!

pablo michaels said...

Wow that sizzled! Julez' only regret was appropriate for the scene and the photo.

Cherry Darling said...

HOT!!! I love the build up between them!

gemma parkes said...

Wonderfully descriptive Julez, hot and very sexy!

Anonymous said...

Romantic, touching, and blazing hot! That's what I call an excellent story!!!

Dakota Trace said...

Yum. A great way to start my Sunday morning Julez. Steamin' hot but still tender.


Anonymous said...

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