Monday, 4 February 2013

Masturbation Monday: Flatmates

Welcome back my friends. I am so pleased to see you all here again. 

I guess you have all returned once again because you hoped there was going to be another short tale about the enjoyment one can achieve when they are all alone.

Well fear not because I knew you were coming and prepared just such a tale to help your week start with a bang or should I say a stroke or rub depending on your anatomy.


Alicia had had enough of Mia. Even though the two of them had been friends since meeting at work five years earlier, getting the flat together to save on costs, Mia had started to let herself go. She had began taking the occasional day off work for no apparent reason, which meant she was earning less and less money, instead just preferring to sit around surfing the internet or watch daytime television.
Now though, As Alicia opened yet another bill, a bill that was double what it normally was, she knew she had to try and make Mia see sense. If she couldn't there was no way the two of them would be able to keep the flat on, especially as she could see Mia getting the sack if she continued the way she had been doing.
Slamming the bill on to the table Alicia decided enough was enough and began to make her way up the stairs. Knowing that Mia would still be in bed as neither of them worked on a Saturday she would say whatever it took to get Mia to change, to return to the Mia that she had first moved in with, even if it meant telling a little white lie to achieve her goal.
As she neared Mia's bedroom she practiced the lie, she was going to tell Mia that the flat was at risk because the rent had to go up and there just wasn't going to be enough money to keep it on, over and over again.
Walking towards Mia's door she could hear the sound of the radio coming from within. Good at least she is awake Alicia thought. Once she was withing touching distant of the door she saw that it was slightly ajar and, wondering if her friend had maybe got up and was in the middle of getting dressed she peered through the gap.
Alicia almost gasped, covering her mouth with her hand just in time, as she saw that Mia was indeed awake. However she wasn't in the process of getting dressed, far from it. Mia was laying on top of the bed, her eyes closed, her legs spread wide, masturbating furiously.
Shocked Alicia wanted to turn away, go back down the stairs and wait for her friend to make an appearance, yet for some reason instead of doing that she stayed rooted to the spot staring at Mia's gorgeous naked body.
It wasn't the first time she had seen Mia naked, they often bumped into each other first thing in the morning going for their showers, however it was the first time she had seen her like she was.
Mia, oblivious to her audience of one, continued masturbating furiously. Each time Mia thrust the thick toy, which Alicia hadn't noticed at first, in and out of herself Alicia felt her own pussy start to tingle.
Shocked at her feelings, she had never even thought about another woman sexually before, Alicia suddenly became aware that she had slipped her hand, without meaning to, under the hem of the skirt she was wearing and was slowly tracing the outline of her own swollen lips.
As Mia moaned loudly Alicia slipped her hand inside her panties, feeling her own wetness, before slipping to fingers deep inside herself. Slowly she began rubbing at her engorged clit, her eyes never veering away from the view in front of her, as her desperate need to cum caused her to start thrusting her own fingers harder and faster into herself.
Within minutes she felt her legs start to weaken and buckle, her orgasm tearing through her body more forcefully than any orgasm before, causing her to reach forward and grab the door frame to stop herself from collapsing. Only she didn't catch the frame she caught Mia's door, pushing it open. Instantly Mia stopped masturbating, opened her eyes, turned her head and stared directly at Alicia, who was struggling to stay upright, with her hand still inside her panties.
Well don't just stand there looking all flustered come over here and join me,” Mia purred sexily as she pulled the toy from herself, giving Alicia her first glimpse of another woman's open, wet and eager pussy. “I've been hoping you'd catch me for months.”


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