Monday, 31 December 2012

Goodbye 2012 Hello 2013

Goodbye 2012 Hello 2013

So TWTYTH (That was the year that was) and now it is time to move on to another one, you know one we shouldn't really be having if the Mayans had got their mathematics right and being as the New Year is upon us I guess it is time to all make a new list of Resolutions once again.
Normally I don't bother with these as I have more important things to think about than a list that I know I will never be able to stick to yet this year I am going to have a crack, so here we go.

J S Morbius' New Year Resolutions 2013

1: To spend a lot more time on my writing, improving it as I go along.
2: Make each of my new pieces of fiction longer than previously, a minimum of 20000 words preferably but also endeavour to have at least one major full length 50000 word piece.
3: To continue fighting for an end to the hate.
4: To become a lot more financially secure than I ever have been.
5: To continue my fight to gain respect, equality and acceptance for the LGBT community.
6: To stop bottling things up and making myself feel ill.
7: To be more active in my social networking groups.
8: Get more tattoos.
9: Continue to make The Crypt of Morbius bigger and better.

Think that lot will do for now but no doubt there are many more things that I could add and probably will as the year goes on but if I manage to stick to those nine 2013 shouldn't be too bad a year.
So until next year, when we meet in the dark confines of The Crypt once more, I shall bid you all



Kameron Brook said...

Happy New Year

gemma parkes said...

Happy, healthy new year Julez! Here's to a successful 2013!