Friday, 7 December 2012

Flash Fiction Friday: Gentle Persuasion

Welcome Creatures of the Night to yet another Flash Fiction Friday. Along with a number of other talented authors each week we are given one picture and challenged to write not more than 100 words for your enjoyment.

As it's getting colder with each passing day I thought heating things up in The Crypt would be the perfect tonic.

I hope you enjoy what I have come up with for this week's image

Gentle persuasion

“So what do you think?” Matt asked as she flicked through the the book.
“I don't know.”
“The smile on your face is telling me different.”
Matt lay down behind her and put his arm around her as Simone continued flicking through the pages, her smile widening with each new page.
“I know but...” She began, parting her legs slightly as his hand slipped between her thighs.
Simone moaned as his fingers ran along her freshly shaved pussy.
“Mmmm okay but,” she gasped, “there's no way I'm going in the shop to buy one.”


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Naomi said...

Great flash. Leaving me on tenterhooks as to whether he will be able to persuade her to go in the shop with him and what exactly 'one' is. You tease to the extreme Julez!

Anonymous said...

Excellent work, Julez! I bet he will convince her to go in and get on with a little more "prodding".

S. J. Maylee said...

Get what?!? :D Such sweet and sensual play, love the moan and the gasp. I think he'll get her to the shop to buy what ever it is. What is it?

gemma parkes said...

Ah, l'm sure he is about to convince her otherwise! sensuous flash!

Rolling Muse in The Roses said...

*tanturms playfully* I want to know what "that" is too. Great flash and I am hooked now as to what he wants her to get and do. ;-) yummm

Benjamin T. Russell said...

*Chuckles* I think this flash should have been called the Gentle Teaser. Grgrgrrrrr, what is he trying to persuade her to buy? Oooh, my imagination has run wild with the possibilities, from the macabre to the sublime. Great Flash.